I love Fridays, no work for two days? FUCK YES! Sometimes sitting in the office all day puts you in a zombie state. I get so restless!!

But yesterday (Thursday) was fucking brutal! Excuse my language, but thats the only way to describe our team workout yesterday. We had five people in total show up yesterday, despite the cold rain here in New England. It didn’t last too long though, but I think we all secretly wished it poured.

It started with general silliness & stretching. Then we got to running to warm up which was about .5 mile.

Then it started, we all took one station and completed it, then moved onto to the next.

The buckets of rocks were the worst part. We ended up doing almost a half mile of farmer walking buckets of rocks. IT SUCKED!! My shoulders and forearms are so sore today.

Then we did pushups. Then we ran laps (.20 one lap). Ususally one full lap of buckets is .8miles. We did four of those, then another .20 mile of them! ugh!

I lost my HR strap, so I couldn’t get the cals in. But we did almost two hours of work yesterday, so Im guessing the cals would be somewhere between 550-800 for the workout.

Tonight is some recovery cardio and abs!


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