We had another outdoor workout today. But it was only Corey, Chris and I who put things together. We thought it was going to pour out (typical New England weather), but it didn’t! It was actually pretty cool out, kind of drizzled and it felt nice!

Below are some pics from a few exercises we were doing. I couldn’t take too many since I was getting scolded for slacking 😛

Exercise ONE: Running laps (0.20 mile gravel lap)

Exercise TWO: Tire Flipping

Exercise THREE: Farmer walks w/bucks of rocks

Exercise FOUR: Overhead Presses w/rock

Exercise FIVE: Tire pushups + Knee Ups


We did each exercise 4 times, including a 0.5 mile victory lap around the woods at the end. It was exhausting. Chris threw up, I almost did, but we kept it together.

Time: 1:10:12
Calories: 531
Max HR: 186 bpm
Avg HR: 145 bpm

Thoughts: I felt a little weak on the tire-flipping. But i’m sore. I’m bruised through my shoulders, thighs and forearms. Tomorrow is sprints and abs. YAY!



1.5 mile sprint/run/jog thing
12 minutes cross trainer intervals

Ab Routine x 3

Time: 1:05:56
Calories: 303
Max HR: 171bpm
Avg HR: 123 bpm

Thoughts: So yesterday kind of sucked, workout wise. I was extremely tired, sore and I couldn’t get my heart rate for long. I knew it was because I didn’t eat enough to counteract Sunday’s work. I’m still bruised, my knees, ankles, shins, etc are sore. BUT, I did it. I walked .5 mile, ran 1.5 miles and did some cross trainer intervals. Even though it wasn’t at my normal level, I got through it.

At the end I stretched and couldn’t believe how stiff I was (am!).  Last night I slept at moms since my guy is laid off till Thursday. I needed some extra sleep (aka, get to bed at 9:30pm). Also, last night I had mac and cheese, felt fucking amazing to have those carbs. WOOO!!!!



So today I feel better. I’m still a little tired, but today there is no cardio! It’s all about lifting heavy today 🙂 Usually, chest is mondays, but since we did an outdoor workout on Sunday, I wanted to make sure my body was prepared for tonight.  I think I might eat a little more today than usual – aka everything I brought to work…because my appetite is crazy!! But most of it is veggies, lots and lots of veggies.

Tonight’s plan is:

DB Flat Bench: 25# x 1 x 18, 30# x 2 x 13
DB Incline Bench: 25#x 3 x 14
Pushups: 60 x 1 = 3 minutes flat

Rope Pushdowns: 50# x 1 x 12, 60# x 2 x 10
Overhead Ext.: 30# x 3 x 12
Dips: 25# x 1 x 13, 2 x 12






HOLY SHIT! felt GREAT! I must have burned close to 700 cals because we did so fucking much. Almost two hours worth of outdoor work.

Tire flipping: 442lb x 12 reps
Bucket of Rocks: 130 meters x 5 sets  + 1 328 meter farmer walk (total lap) = 978 meters.
Pushups: 10 x 4 sets
Total run: 2+ miles

We had 5 people in total participate! Great night, lots of laughs and sadly, no one threw up. It’s getting slightly easier, so we have to incorporate more this coming Thursday. 😉




2 mile run + ab work.


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