S. Mixed Workout

Workout ONE: Tire Flipping: 450lb x 4, outdoor jogging

So I’ll explain. I love tire flipping. It’s fucking awesome. It incorporates your whole body, its a big challenge and when you finally push over that tire, its like you conquered the world. Okay, so its not that big of a deal in reality. But I love to do it and today I finally got my hands on a much bigger tire than I was use to. I initially thought I wasn’t going to be able to flip it, but once I figured out the position of where my hands were suppose to be for the best leverage, I got to flip it 4 times.

Since it wasn’t a planned workout, I went for a jog before and after.

Time: 28:57 minutes
Calories:  147
Max HR: 168
Avg HR: 113

Workout TWO: Cardio, Legs
Treadmill: Ran one mile
Cross trainer: 20 minute intervals
Treadmill: .5 mile run

Leg Press: 90# x 2 x 25, 180# x 2 x 16
Squats: 50# x 1 x 25

Time: 44.29 minutes
Calories: 336
Max HR: 175
Avg HR: 136



My guy was having a rough day, so we relaxed, caught up on a few shows and had some ice cream. BUT, I had non-fat, no sugar added, strawberry frozen yogurt by KEMPS. Fucking awesome. No fat, 5 grams of fiber, 3 grams of protein, 5 grams of sugar, and 5 grams of carbs. Yeah! The only bad thing about it, is it has aspartame, which I found out, doesn’t NOT agree with me. Eeep.



Flat Bench: 25# x 1 x 18, 30# x 2 x 14, 12
Incline Bench: 25# x 2 x 12, 20# x 1 x 18
Pushups: 60 in 2.37 minutes!!!!

Rope pushdowns: 60# x 1 x 12, 50# x 1 x 15, 60# x 1 x 7, 50# x 1 x 7
DB Overhead Ext.: 25# x 3 x 18, 18, 20
Dips: 3 x 15

Cardio: 12 minutes cross trainer

TIME: 1:07:55
Cals: 330
Max HR: 158 bpm
Avg HR: 111 bpm

Thoughts:  I felt good, a little weak though on the DB exercises. For some reason I powered through the pushups. I felt so strong doing them. 🙂



I’m switching it up tonight. I’m going to do sprint intervals on the treadmill instead of long distance combined with abs. I need to stretch my legs. Maybe Friday will be a 4 mile run.

0.5 mile warmup run
Sprints x 1minute x 10 = 20 minutes
0.5 mile cool down run
2 minute walk

Ab routine x 4

Time: 41:49
Cals: 305
Max HR: 177
Avg HR: 134

Thoughts: Felt pretty good – I didn’t want to wear my legs out too much since tomorrow is going to be a heavy workout. I’m a little nervous since its going to be a big workout. Excited though, got 5 guys to go!



OUTDOOR WORKOUT!! So excited for this. We’ll have to measure things out a bit to set the pace for everyone. My boyfriend, our friend Tim and I will be doing this, so I’m pretty pumped. I’m homing to get at least 10-12 flips with the 450lb tire.

Warm up jog: .30 mile

Tire: 442lb
Tire Flips: 5 x 4 = 20 flips
Jogging Laps: .20 x 6 = 1.20 miles
Time: 54:36 minutes
Cals: 492
Max HR: 185 bpm
Avg HR: 149 bpm

Below is the patch of gravel we did laps around. To the right of the lap, is where we tire flipped on the grass. 

Then we did a last big lap which was just under 0.5 mile:

And then we collapsed on the grass! It was a lot of fun. Had a total of 7 people show up, my mom and my two dogs to keep us going.




S. 2.5 mile Outdoor Run!

It wasn’t too bad. I actually did really well considering. There was no tightness, only swelling. But it didn’t burn when I stretched and I got through most of it before I had to stop to make sure the swelling wasn’t getting bad.

Time: 26.37
Calories: 247
Max HR: 179 bpm
Avg HR: 152 bpm



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