I just had to share a funny story. A while back I went to Italy for art history. IT WAS AWESOME. Want to see how awesome it was?

Heres me eating the best fucking pizza in the middle of Rome, drunk, at 11am because we JUST got to our hotel. Notice the cup of water in the back? That’s me trying to sober up so we didn’t get lost in Rome our first day. Classy.

Regardless, I brought some funny stuff with me: protein powder, NOW EVE (female) vitamin, melatonin and fish oils capsules. Yes, I brought this shit from home so I could have it in Rome. TWO WEEKS without lifting weights made me ulta cranky. But not for long, because all we did was WALK. I must have walked at least 5-8 miles a day. We went everywhere. Plain and simple I didn’t even use the melatonin besides the plane rides because of how exhausted I was. I wasn’t use to eating very little protein – most of the foods over there are all carbs. I need two scoops of protein a day at least to meet my protein requirements.

Anyways, the funny story was, an EX friend and I were in our hotel room getting ready for the day. I was taking my vitamins and fish oil pills. Thats two of each. My friend noted how she never takes vitamins. I told her she probably should since no one gets all of the required vitamins and minerals from food alone. She then told me she gets all she needs from food and doesn’t need to “pill pop”.
My face was like “WTF” to Nth degree.

That same morning, I signed on to the computer we both could use there and she had left her email tab open like a dope. (make sure you close the evidence when you talk about someone and you don’t want them to see it) was an email to her mother about how  I was driving her crazy with my eating and pill popping and how unhealthy I was for taking “all of them”…………………..

Yeah……right……so Italy was great besides a nagging ex-boyfriend, unsupportive “best” friend and no lifting. Seriously, it was. If I could do it over, I would have dumped my ex-boyfriend, made some other friends and partied more. But you live and learn – I’d never trade that experience.

Anyways, I remembered this today as I was taking my vitamins and fish oils when I got up this morning. Guess who turned out to be more of an “unhealthy” person? 😉


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