I’m not dead! Actually just been crazy busy. I have sworn off running outdoors for a while. I’m convinced when I hurt myself wearing those fucking nike running shoes, it has ruin my running form.

I can only run on a certain treadmill type at the gym – something really sturdy, doesn’t wobble, and I have to continually pay attention to how my feet are positioned. I don’t know what is wrong with me. But its very furstrating and tedious because I can’t let my mind go. The treadmill is boring as shit, so I try to have a blank mind when I’m running indoors, but I can’t have that if I’m constantly arguing with myself: “oh, that hurts…okay my shins feel good..oop don’t do that again, keep your feet straight! don’t wobble to the left! the damn treadmill is shaking…the tv is freaking out, I can’t focus..damnit brain, shut off, stop telling me what to do! i have to tell you what to do or else your shins will start hurting, then run normally! I don’t know how to anymore!”

Yes, I don’t know how to run anymore. For some reason my running form has dissolved into one big hot mess wobbling on the treadmill like it’s a carnival ride.

With that said, last week I missed back, but got 5 days in, three running days. I did about 6 miles total.




2 thoughts on “Busy, busy!!

  1. Wow, that’s really to bad. Sounds like you’ve got the motivation to keep it up and dover time with the right form you will see better results.

  2. Thank you! I use to run a lot so I’m confused as to how I de-learned how to run. It’s funny, but with constant focus on my foot postion and posture, my shin stays swelling/tightness free!

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