SU. Outdoor Running

Distance: 2.5 miles
Time:  36 minutes
Calories: 302

Thoughts: Didn’t go as planned – none of it did. We tried to bring my crazy dog with us for his first time running, he pulled Corey the entire run. Because we had to keep stopping and reprimanding him (I have the most disobedient pup in the world), my shin started to swell as again. Over all, an okay run. I felt strong until we had to keep stopping as Corey got dragged and Chase got distracted. BUT, live and learn. My diet was great today so I just jumped out of a nice hot shower after I iced my shins down, I mentally thought about the week ahead.

This week will be more disciplined, and I will push myself harder. Right now I’m going to keep running on the treadmill, because my shins don’t swell at all last week. I did 9 miles total on the treadmill and not once did I get pain, tightness, or swelling. Even during the two 4+ mile runs there was no problem.

M. Chest / Triceps, Step Climber
T. Indoor Running / Abs

W. Back/Bis, Cross Trainer

TH. Indoor Running/ Abs


S. Outdoor Run (I’ll be in NH at my lake house, I’d like to get a couple of hill runs in)

S. Outdoor Run


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