M. Chest/Cardio

Today was a trial run for running…but more about that a little later.

DB Flat Bench 25# x 3 x 20
DB Incline Bench 25# x 3 x 15,15,17, 20# x 1 x 20
Pushups – 60 count in 2.51 minutes (eep!)

Weighted Bench Dips: 25# plate x 2 x 15

Treadmill Run: 1.25 miles in 11.34 minutes

Time: 49.47  minutes
Calories: 280 50% fat
Max HR: 175 bpm
Avg HR: 119 bpm

Thoughts: So my shins feel great!!! I did a little test tonight to see how I feel. I didn’t want to push it since tomorrow morning is good 3 mile run (maybe more if I feel good). But I worked up to 7.5 mph and nothing!!! No pain, no tightness, no swelling, nada!! Just the regular ” i dont want to be doing this!” feelings in my legs, haha.

I don’t want to get too excited about this, so I’m going to contain it till tomorrow before work with an update as well. I’ll also shoot a pic of the new shoes.


T. Indoor Running / Abs

It still needs tweaking – but it’s getting better. I had two muscle milks which throws things off since its not much usual protein intake.

Treadmill Run
4 miles

Rowing: 1000 meters

Time: 1:05:24
Calories: 585 50% fat
Max HR: 186 bpm
Avg HR: 149 bpm

I DID IT!!! I DID 4 MILES FINALLY WITHOUT PAIN! And it was on the treadmill..the dreaded treadmill. It was so fucking boring, but I did it!!! I stopped here and there for a few seconds to either catch my breath or stretch because I kept cramping a little bit. I stretched my legs with a 6.5-7mph interval here and there. But mostly I stuck to 5.7 – 6.0mph pace.

I’m so proud of myself! I even rowed 1,000 meters afterward which took me about 7.10 minutes.
After that I was fully and still am exhausted.


W. Back/Biceps, Cross Trainer


SLDL: 50# x 2 x 14, 40# x 1 x 12
Hyper Extensions: 1 x 20, 10# x 2 x 15, 20# x 1 x 10, 1 x 5
WG PDs: 60# x 2 x 15, 75# x 1 x 13
Seated Rows: 60# x 3 x 15,16,15

CG PD: 60# x 1 x 15, 75# x 3 x 12, 50# x 1  x 15
DB ALT Curls: 20# x 4 x 12, 14, 12, 14

CARDIO: Cross Trainer x 25 minutes

Time: 1:03:00
Calories: 401 50%
Max HR: 165 bpm 83%
Avg HR: 125 bpm 63%

I did back very fast. I think I finished it just over 30 minutes. I took about 20-30 second breaks inbetween sets, thats why the weight is a little lowered. BUT, I’m sore today! I’m usually not sore after Back…next week I’ll be adding bent-rows in.


TH. Indoor Running, Shoulder / Abs


Treadmill: 4.25 miles

Barbell Overhead Press x 3 x 14
Standing DB Single-Arm Press 25# x 3 x 8,9,7
Plate Raises + Pushes 20# x 3 x 16 (combined)

Time: 1:05:03
Calories: 623

Max HR: 187 bpm
Avg HR: 149bpm




Time: 4 hours, 12 minutes
Total Cals: 1889 burned

Final Thoughts: I could have pushed myself saturday to go out and do either rowing, or some light legs but my hamstrings were still so damn sore from running this past week, I wanted to give them a break before Sunday. Next week I want to go harder! Let’s do this!


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