So this past week was rough. I finally got an appointment with a running specialist and he basically said I needed to take a few days off, ice, compress and stretch my shins. He said no activity, none – not even long distance walking. He laughed at me because I practically whined like a 2 month year old puppy wanting to go outside and run in circles.

I hate slowing down! I hate putting things on hold. I’m 22 damnit, I’m not suppose to have these issues….okay so I’m being extremely bull headed and stubborn, but I listened.  His words echo in my ears every time I think about defying his orders…I don’t want to hurt myself further.

With that being said, he  made me run, walk, jump, hop, flex, stretch, etc for about 2 hours. He fitted me with insoles, shoes, and socks. I did not get the vibram shoes. He wants to see how serious ACS is, if it’s just the previous shoes I had been wearing or if it will be permanently with me.

I’m nervous about running. I have my new shoes on, and they feel so good. I’m hoping today I can get a mile or two into it and see how I feel.


Updates coming soon!!


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