Alright, so the last one is more or less just something to look at. HAH. I’m in fact straight, FYI. Not that  it makes any difference whether or not I am. But I do appreciate women who work very hard for their body. Why not celebrate them? A hot body goes only so far, but when its combined with STRENGTH, DEDICATION, and HARD WORK – man, it’s unbelievable! I wish I had woman like this around me, even just ONE girl friend that liked to do the same things.

I love lifting my guy, but sometimes it’s great to have a girl friend too thats just as motivated. I use to take along my friends, but they were either very busy, not interested or have moved to the city.

Wah, wah! For now I’ll just use these as motivation along with commenters, likes and fellow bloggers. Muscle-loving women, UNITE! Right? Yeah? Please? 😉


2 thoughts on “More Muscle-Sexiness!

  1. I totally hear ya on that! My workout buddies totally ditched me when I started getting into weight lifting 😦 I miss having chicks to gossip with at the gym, but I guess as long as we all keep our own goals as priorities we’re better off? I don’t know, but I think we need to set up some sort of blog community for fit chicks!

  2. Hence why I’m lifting with the guys! It’s not even lifting either that scares them, it’s not being very motivated to stick with it. Even just one day a week, I’d love to have a female running partner to chit chat with. But, hey, I think its more of a luxury! If only more women took the time to weight lift 😦

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