S. Legs / Stretching

+ 4 minute warmup

+ Leg Press: 180# x 4 x 14

Squats: 70# x 4 x 20

SLDL: 20# x 2 x 20, 25# x 1 x 14

Glute/Ham Raises: 40# x 3 x 15

Leg extensions: 40# x 3 x 12

Calf Raises: 90# x 2 x 10

+15 minute stretching


Thoughts: I NEED to get my heart rate monitor fixed or just buy a new one. It’s killing me that I don’t have one. It was so motivating and I got to see when/where/how I was improving.

This morning my legs are very very sore. I skipped a week of legs *big no no*. Ugh. Back to it.

So now I’m trying to put myself back the mind frame I once was in. I have an office job now and as restricting as it is during the day, I need to keep my energy for my training as well. I  call it training because I officially signed up for the Spartan Race. It’s both scary and exciting, because its only 6 months away 🙂

Once the weather here gets a little better and I have more daylight to play with, a lot of my workouts WILL consist outdoor exercises: sprinting, crawling, resistance training, rope pulls, tire flipping, body exercises like burpees, hill climbers, jumping jacks, high knees, agility ladders, etc.

Then it goes a little more hardcore:

Mud crawling, trail running, hill sprints, distance running, day long cardio sessions, extended lifting (high, high reps) log throwing, rock hauling, tug of wars, box jumps, tag (extreme tag!)… LET’S DO IT!

M.  Shoulders, Cardio / Abs

20 Minutes Cross trainer

DB Standing Presses: 20# x 2 x 20, 30# x 2 x 12
Rear Delt Flys: 12# x 3 x 15, 15, 10

Superset – Plate Raises  + Pushes: 25# plate, 10 raises, 30 overhead presses
DB Shrugs: 25# x 3 x 20

Ab Routine x 3

Thoughts: I bought another heart rate monitor!! Let the pain begin!! It’s the same as my old one. I wanted to upgrade, but I know exactly what my old watch did and I loved it. I’m afraid that being a little more daring will end up costing me in the long run. I keep reading reviews for a new HR watch from Polar and they are all so fucking confusing. Screw that!

We got to the gym later than usual, but had a good workout. The cardio was def. painful after doing legs yesterday. However it has helped since this morning I’m doing better.

Tonight is another kickass workout. Hopefully the gym won’t be as busy as last night. It’s tough to do anything you want because of how many people are there on Mondays. I couldn’t even go near the barbells because a group of guys were nut hugging the bar.


T. Chest & Triceps / Cardio / Abs / Tanning

DB Flat Bench: 20# x 2 x 20, 25# x 2 x 16
DB Incline Bench: 20# x 4 x 20
Machine Flys 50# x 4 x 20
Pushups x 50

Rope Pushdowns: 40# x 2 x 15, 50# x 1 x 15
Dips 3 x 12

Ab Routine x 2 (triset)

Thoughts:  I had a horrible night. My father passed away about a month ago and it’s been a crazy roller coaster ever since. I have a lot of mixed emotions still, but I do have a very supportive and amazing boyfriend whos been very patient and understanding. He talked me through some rough things last night. Plus I’m getting my period soon, so that doesn’t help.



Thoughts: I did some cardio, but I’m not going to count it. I was exhausted, had a fucking migraine head ache and coming down with a head cold. I took a sleeping pill and was out like a light.


TH. Cardio / Abs

Cardio: 3 mile run!
Ab Routine x 3

Thoughts: So proud of myself! I felt like shit still with phlegm in my throat and my head was pounding, but I fought it and ran hard. I ran two great miles, did abs, then finished with a strong 9.42 mile! I know some may be shaking their heads, but 9.42 for a mile while sick, was an accomplishment.


F. Back/Bis, Cardio

Bent Rows: 1 x 40# x 15, 1 x 60# x 12, 1 x 40# x 12
Seated Rows: 60# x 3 x 12
WG PD: 60# x 2 x 16, 75# x 1 x 14

CG PD 75# x 3 x 17
DB ALT Curls + Hammer Curls: 12# x 3 x 15

15 Minutes Cross Trainer

Thoughts: I was pretty tired, but I got it done!


S. Cardio / Legs

20 Minutes Step Climber
1500 meters rowing – 8:45 minutes
1.5 mile run
10 minutes cross trainer

Time: 1:00:02
Calories Burned: 523 calories
Avg BPM: 146
Max BPM: 174

Thoughts: I got new shoes: Nike Air Max, and my HR watch!! Woo!!! It helped with motivation to get through the workout. I felt good, hopefully the cardio will help me get through legs tomorrow 🙂

Week One – DONE!

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