I think what bothers me most is the word diet. I see posts on Facebook, hear it within conversations, but the word “diet” is so commercialized. It’s an instant money maker. I’m not saying commercialized diets don’t work (Atkins, Weight Watchers, ZONE, etc). They do. But for how long? How well? How do they make you feel? How much money are you spending on frozen meals, bars, cereals aka specialty diet products?

The definition of the word, Diet:

Diet: noun:
-The kinds of food that a person, animal, or community habitually eats.

The definition of the word, Habitually:

Habitual: adjective:
– Done or doing constantly or as a habit.
– Regular; usual : his habitual dress.

Are you starting to understand what I’m getting at? I’m looking at the irony of the word Diet and how it is being commercially used to make money verses what the word actually means at it’s most primitive level.

Plain and simple: you are buying diets. You don’t have to “buy” diet plans to have a diet. You LEARN to eat better. You LEARN a better diet, you don’t BUY one. A diet is a lifestyle. If you live by eating responsible and healthy, you will live by being so as well.

It’s harsh reality but you are what you eat. Your diet dictates your energy, motivation, and outlook which you know translates into every aspect of your life.

If you don’t put good stuff into your body, you don’t get good stuff out of it. It’s not as hard as people make it seem. There is no secret that you are missing.

Also, if you don’t like vegetables, there is something seriously fucking wrong with you. You were mistreated as a child because as human beings we require such nutrients that are only located in vegetables. This is how we successively grow & age. When I say successively, I mean we don’t die at the age of 40 because our arteries were clogged with saturated fats.

I’m not perfect and I have a normal life. I grew up being over weight, I played soccer for nine years, I went to a regular high school, I went to college full time, and now I have a full time job. I was not born into riches, my parents don’t pay for anything of mine, I have no professional chef or personal trainer, I didn’t go to school for nutrition, I sit on my butt at work 85% of the time…I’m average. I’m not fitness competitor, I don’t have any more than the next person.

It takes time, but it isn’t impossible. If you are going to decide to lose fat, gain muscle, and start to change your lifestyle, do it with patience but do it for the rest of your life.


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