MONDAY – AM Cardio/ PM Outdoor


    • Stretching for 10 minutes & warm up
    • 35 minutes moderate intervals on cross trainer

It was tough waking up, but once I got moving I got my energy. I’m working on building this up so I’ll be doing this four days a week 🙂


    • kettle swings
    • abs & pushups
    • ball throw & catch squats
    • abs & pushups
    • shoulder kettle swings
    • abs & pushups
    • kettle Criss-Cross
    • abs & pushups
    • lunges & shoulder press combinatons
    • abs & pushups
    • —————rest—————
    • repeat above, except every two exercises are abs & pushups
    • —————rest—————

I am SO excited we are doing these exercises!! They keep it completely interesting and challenging. I love the way my body feels after a routine like this. We are working on getting heavier kettles to keep pushing ourselves. Eventually we want to start timing ourselves once we get the routine down. Some researching on other routines is a must as well!

**We didn’t get to tire flip today, so Tuesday it is! Right now I’m watching football 🙂

TUESDAY – PM Outdoor

2 Mile run: 21 minutes it took me.

I need to get my mile runs down!


25  Minute intervals on cross trainer
15 Minutes, steady step climber

DB Bi Curls 15# x 3 x 15
SS w/ Hammer Curls 15# x 3 x 10

DB Shoulder Press: 20# x 2 x 15
Upright Rows: 20# x 3 x 15/16/17


Cardio PM: 1 hour
Treadmill: 20 minute run (2.5 miles!!!)
40 Minutes Cross trainer intervals

I felt awesome!!! I’m back baby!!



Tireflipping Set x 4 (20# weight vest)
Kettle Circuit

I’m SO excited for today. It is not only BEAUTIFUL out, but it’s tire flipping and kettle day!! I plan on signing up for a couple of classes next week to really get into kettlebells. There’s allll sorts of moves out there, and it kind of becomes a dance. (weird!! I know!!) Especially when you workout with another person, you have to constantly be in sync with them. Corey and I do two exercises together. After work I’m running over to TSA to get a heavier kettle!!




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