Most people, if you know me, know that one of the biggest passions in my life is fitness. Everything about it enthralls me. I love how intense it can get, how you can push yourself so hard, everything you just downed, comes right back not only does it develop your muscles and body, but how it develops your mind and yourself as a whole. It gives you an outlet from frustrations & stress: girlfriends, boyfriends, friends, family, work, bills, car troubles, whatever is bothering you; for that hour you have nothing on your mind than getting through your workout.

The best part is right after your workout when you know you have nothing left to give, that in that moment, you cannot feel any better. Its a painful form of bliss, a higher ground that you are suddenly standing on. It doesn’t last too long, and that’s what keeps you coming back for more…

Now the purpose of me writing this is an entirely different road and if you are patient enough to read it all, I promise you’ll look at the “healthy” life approach a little differently..and the people that are making money off of it.

I’m an utterly disgusted with the fact that people make billions of dollars off of this and not only that, but with the people that think they are qualified to SELL this “top secret” information. Are you kidding me? As soon as you read “Are you sick of fad diets and have give up hope?” or something along those lines, stop reading it.

Give yourself more credit with your own common sense here…and let me also hit with you a very hard FACT:


Did you read that? okay, let me rephrase it…. THERE. IS. NO. EASY. 1 2 3. WAY. TO. LOSE. FAT.

Get it? is it sinking it? I know you’ve gotten lazy, whether its because of school, work, family, spouses, girlfriends, boyfriends, whatever excuse you have (besides a SERIOUS medical one of course!) But think logically, if you have to study for an exam, research on how to fix a problem, or seek medical advice for an issue, you have to do the same approach for losing weight/fat the RIGHT way..

You must come to terms with yourself and ask yourself several realistic questions:
– what are you major concerns? any medical ones?
– what do you think you need to cut out of your diet?
– do you even look at the back of labels of food?
– do you even bother to see how much fat/sugar that Starbucks drink has?
– do you even care?
– do you have a food addiction?
– do you eat shit after you drink?
– how much soda do you have? add up the grams of sugar..
– have you ever looked up a fast food meal nutritional info? 
– who do you eat with? what do they look like?
– can you cook your own meals?
– when was the last time you exercised till you broke a sweat for more than 30 minutes?
– do you even know what to do once you are at the gym or have time to work out?
– do you eat breakfast?
– are you tired all the time?
– depressed? frustrated? anxious? 

repeat out loud..I’m serious:


Now repeat that to yourself…again and again. It sucks doesn’t it? Good, accept it and move on.

So lets look at a long list that will NOT get you to your goal:

– the ab lounge
– nutrisystem (or any home delivery with frozen shitty meals that look like a pile of chemical mush once defrosted)
– jenny craig or any “number” system
– running on a treadmill for countless hours (great, you can run 4 miles, what happens when I put up on 5% incline and your heart rate shoots up?)
– bender ball (do not buy anything off an infomercial..ever.)
– slim 6 (another infomercial)
– allie or any diet pills (fat blocker? are you getting me? get your ass on a set of bleachers, and RUN. thats a fat blocker)
– water pills (water comes back, you’re wasting your money)
– appetite suppressant pills (really? just go anorexic. its cheaper)
– E/C/A or E/C stack (if you don’t know what this is, don’t even ask)
– cutting out meals (breakfast is the most important meal and should be your biggest. lots of good protein, slow burning carbs, and a good source of healthy fats.)
– cutting out insane amount of cals (your body needs an energy source, if you start to cut back and your body cannot function on the amount you are giving it, it will seek energy it eats itself…thats how you lose “weight” including muscle which damages vital organs, brain functions and metabolism)
– eating below 1400 daily cals (again, if you think extreme calorie cutting is the way to go, I urge to research. You need to educate yourself in order to be successful, this applies in every aspect of your life, why wouldn’t it here?)
– cutting out healthy fats EFAs in your diet (healthy fats not only help you burn fat, its also a source of energy and helps other nutrients get to your blood stream to organs/muscles/etc.)
– “healthy” foods that are actually covered in salts, sugars, dyes, chemicals, shitty carbs (these are the frozen meals, or the “low sugar” ones. Please look on the back of the food package and read the label, this is the only way to know what you are putting in your body. You’d be surprised whats in your yogurt or frozen meal these days. Be smart, you are a living creature, you need good energy sources to perform well.
– “whole grain” foods (some companies put this on food packages to deceive you, and convince you that the food is “healthy” same as “all natural” and “organic” READ. EDUCATE. LEARN. APPLY.
– quick diets, quick promises, quick anything (I already went over this)

As a society we have gotten lazy. We have stopped moving. We have slowed down. We have turned into a eating, shitting, and consuming machine. No wonder you continue to bitch and moan and seek a “quick, get rich scheme”. Its what we have been taught to do, cut corners and get there first. Well for the 4th time:


You should be pissed because after all you alone have put yourself in this position. Don’t like it anymore? Quit the bad habits..and they aren’t a secret:

– get out of bed before 11am…
– stop drinking like a fish
– stop smoking…everything
– start small and build yourself up
– don’t drop all your bad habits cold turkey, you’ll lose control and go back.
– give yourself some slack in the beginning, you aren’t going to lose a pound in the first two weeks. Your body needs to get use to the stress levels you are producing during exercise, mainly cardio.
– stop eating fast food, candy, soda, anything in a colorful packaged box with tons of chemicals, sugar, and dyes in it. Eat closer to nature (can’t accept this? Stop reading this now, its a waste of your time.)
– stop sitting on your ass all day, besides exercise, get active!
– get at least 7/8 hours of sleep, even if you close your eyes and cannot fall asleep right away..start a good sleeping schedule. you don’t grow/get leaner in the gym/field, but at rest.
– stop making excuses for missing the gym. I go to school full time with 6 classes, volunteer, work 3 days a week, get all my homework done, see friends/family and my boyfriend. It is NOT impossible and don’t think you can start slacking off when you have an “exam” to study for. You have to plan AHEAD.
– live by this: if you fail to plan, you’re planning to fail. Simple as that.
– food/nutrition is the biggest part of your plan, without a proper diet you will not get anywhere, no matter how much your train
– if you eat too little, your body eats itself and you’ll get weaker, sicker and die. (either emotionally or physically)
– if you over eat, you’ll stay in the same place so you’re wasting you time.
– Research, educate, learn, apply. No one is here to hold your goddamn hand. You need to be responsible for yourself. A personal trainer is just that, a trainer. He/She is not responsible for you and how you conduct yourself in your social life, so why is it their responsibility to get you to your goal? its YOUR goal, not mine, not his/hers..suck it up and hold yourself accountable.

Food is not being forced into you mouth, you alone are doing it. You can say no, walk away and distract yourself. You don’t NEED shitty food. But I understand why you think you do. I was once there and it was a hard road to go down, but let go of “needing food”. You need to NOURISH your body. Your body needs a source of energy, good steady energy so it can perform, function, think, and do at top notch. Vitamins and minerals come from VEGETABLES. They do all kinds of things for your body, help your eye sight, brain function, bodily functions, energy levels, problem solving, moods, etc. You can’t be 100% if you aren’t taking vitamins daily, neglecting vegetables consumption and expect your body to respond properly. You’ll run yourself into the ground.

I may not be certified, or working in the industry but losing fat is very simple and it should be a lifestyle for you. You have common sense, so do NOT pay for some “awesome” or “break through magical” diet/routine that somehow does something another one hasn’t.

– eat protein, lean protein
-skinless breast
-any lean game meat
-egg whites
-lean beef
-pro shakes
-greek low sugar, low fat yogurt
-turkey bacon
– low sodium deli meat
– salmon, tilapia, shrimp, sole, scrod, etc

– eat tons of veggies (most carbs should come from veggies)
– cabbage
– dark green lettuces
– squash
-bell peppers
-green beans

– eat slow burning carbs (more in the am, less at lunch, and even less at dinner)
-steel cut oatmeal (or quick oatmeal) (add stevia, cinnamon, 1/2 cup of milk and water and microwave!)
– WHOLE WHEAT pitas, english muffins, breads, rolls, pasta
– sweet or white potatoes

-eat EFAs – essential fatty acids
-nuts of all kinds
-natural peanut butter
-extra virgin olive oil
-multi vitamins – fish oils, flax seed oil/seeds

Exercise daily, 7 days a week..get some resistance training in there. Doesn’t have to be weight lifting, but body exercises. Muscle burns more in the long run than cardio. Girls..I’m only going to say this once..YOU WILL NEVER GET AS BIG AS A MAN. And if you have seen me, yes I have muscle but I’ve trained for muscle. You need to research and train for the look you want. But make sure you always, ALWAYS, challenge yourself. If it gets easy, go heavier/harder.

Switch up your routine every two weeks, switch days, reps, sets, exercises…your body gets into a routine..repeat/sing/holler/etc “ROUTINE IS THE ENEMY”

Exercise for 60-90 minutes, 6 days a week. Both with HIIT, Resistance Training, a couple longer sessions of cardio. The 7th day should be more of a rest day with some activity such as cleaning, walking the dogs, just MOVE.

Go rock climbing, running, play tennis, football, baseball, soccer with your friends, go swimming, hike, etc.

Stretch, STRETCH, STRETCH. Never exercise a cold body!!! Run, hop, stretch will get injured if you train cold

This is a lifestyle, not a 3 month program.

This pretty much sums it up: World Class Fitness in 100 Words:

Eat meat and vegetables, nuts and seeds, some fruit, little starch and NO sugar. Keep intake to levels that will support exercise but not body fat. Practice and train major lifts: deadlift, clean, squat, presses, C&J, and snatch. Similarly, master the basics of gymnastics:pull-ups, dips, rope climb, push-ups, sit-ups, presses to handstands, pirouettes, flips, splits, and holds. Bike, run, swim, row, etc, hard and fast. Five or six days per week mix these elements in as many combination and patterns as creativity will allow. ROUTINE IS THE ENEMY. Keep workouts short and intense. Regularly learn and play new sports!

Yes personal trainers are awesome. They are motivating and give you plenty of guidance. But in the end, its you and only you that’s responsible. Those awesome trainers are few and far…they are educated, dedicated, and determined to teach and spread the word of “fitness”. I cannot give you a routine that will solve all your problems, but I can guide you. What is written above is a set of guidelines, a “cut through the shit” crash course that will either make or break you. If you have any questions/rants/suggestions, I’m open to anything. It was written in a haste, so yes there are mistakes, but over all, I hope it clears some shit up for the people who actually read it all.

Remember, everyone’s an expert and advice will differ from person to person, but trust in your common sense and educate yourself. That is the greatest thing you can do for yourself, educate, research, learn, apply…

Oh and one more thing:


Some other thoughts:

Alcohol basically gets converted to sugar by your body. Also, getting the alcohol out of your system becomes your body’s number one metabolic priority when you drink. So, processing other foods takes a back seat, and you end up dehydrated and feeling crappy to a degree that is directly related to how much you drank. Also, alcohol makes you much more likely to look at a plate of fries and think “It’s not so bad if I eat all of those.” The less you drink (think of it like a cheat meal), the better.

Food Quantity doesn’t just mean reducing calories. To me, it means eating an appropriate amount of food for your goals. I want to lose weight, so I need to restrict my calories; you want to gain weight, so you need to increase yours. It’s hard to meet your fitness goals if your body is moving away from a form that is suited to them. It sounds like you already have a handle on this one.

Balancing macro nutrients makes sure that your body is getting what it needs, which is important for building muscle while limiting body fat. A xxxx calorie diet may be what you need to maintain body weight, but if you just eat sugar packets until you get to xxxx calories, your body will quickly cannibalize muscles to meet its protein needs. Similarly bad things happen if you don’t get the right amounts of carbohydrates and fat.

I am of the opinion that a diet that contains x grams of protein, y grams of carbs, and z grams of fat is the same whether x, y, and z come from burgers and twinkies or grass fed beef and broccoli – as far as maintaining your body is concerned. I know from experience, though, that 1/2 of a twinkie is not nearly as filling as four cups of broccoli. So, food quality is definitely an important piece of the puzzle. What kind of food you should eat varies from person to person, so you should experiment with it. (However, if you find that your body operates at its peak on a diet of twinkies, you are a rare and very lucky person)

****Side note..
No I don’t know everything, I’m always learning and educating myself with this. I’m not an expert, I’m not going to school for this, this is just a huge passion of mine that I have spent a lot of doing researching, reading, and learning about on my own. If you have an issue with what I wrote, want to add/change or whatever, send me a message and we’ll talk.

If you want more of a in depth answers to a questions about what I wrote or in general, please message me. Don’t be embarrassed, as it always stays confidential and private.


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