I’ve graduated. Four years and it’s done, complete, final. A few things before I really get into this journal again that are mostly personal.

I’m not walking at graduation. I’m emotionally and physically DONE with college and everything that comes with it. I’ve washed my hands completely of all the blood, sweat, and tears that were created, along with my work, the friends and teachers I’ve met and the experiences I’ll never forget. It’s not a negative comment, but it’s just moving on. It was a given that not living on campus was hard, but I have a different life than a lot of people I met at MassArt had. And that’s completely okay because I respect everyone and their choices. It’s just my life, my opinions and my methods were different and now I get to go back to my life and go full force on completely everything I’ve put on hold to complete my BFA.

I’m going on vacation for the first time with my boyfriend to Orland, FL. We are visting my brother down there and also celebrating everything that we’ve triumphed the past few months. I’m very proud of him. He really has his shit together and I’m very happy he is still playing football, basketball and hitting the gym. He only has two years left till he can go for his license. We are doing really well and I couldn’t be happier. So, we planned a four day getaway to kick back and relax.

I’ve got a lot shit on my to-do list. I’m looking at a few job opportunities, a new car, adventures, and some other fun things. So, fitness is just one more thing I’m excited to add back into my life!!


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