Monday – Cardio

The problem is this:  I CAN’T BREATHE. So I was feeling pretty good with energy and excited to get back into it. I get on the treadmill and start out slow, but as soon as I get it up to 6.0 mph, my nose starts to run, my chest/throat get congestion and I either have to continue to hack away on the treadmill or cut it back down. I did that for 15 minutes, then left. I had to keep stopping, blowing my nose, coughing, etc. So I get pissed off and left.

Total Time: 35:02 minutes
Total Cals: 230 cals
Max HR: 150 bpm
Avg HR: 122 bpm

Tuesday – Back/Arms/Abs/Cardio

  • Wide Grip Pulldown: 60# x 4  x 10
  • Close Grip PullDown: 60# x 2 x 10, 75# x 2 x 10
  • Flat Bench One Arm DB Row: 20# x 1 x 10, 25# x 3 x 10
  • Hyperextensions: 5# x 1 x 12, 10# x 3 x 10
  • Bent over smith machine row: 30# x 2 x 10, 40# x 2 x 8
  • Smith Machine Upright Row: 15# x 3 x 10
  • Overhead DB Cable Extension: 50# x 1 x 12, 60# x 1 x 10, 70# x 1 x 10, 80# x 1 x 8
  • Cable Crunches: 50# x 4 x 20
  • Russian Twists: 6# x 3 x 10
  • Decline Situps with Medicine Ball: 6# x 4 x 15
  • Captains Chair Leg Ups: 2 x 10, Knee Ups: 2 x 10
  • Bike x 15 minutes

Total Time: 1:38:13

Total Cals: 542

Max HR: 146

Avg: 114

Today I felt awesome. I was so pumped to do weights and and I plowed right through them with no problem. I felt stronger and had more energy. My nose is still congested but I worked around it. The only minor issue was getting my form right on the smith machine rows, but I figured it out and it went well. I just cant wait to for thursday for weight day. But first I have to make another attempt of morning cardio. tomorrow. But I’ll get through it even if its moderate pace for an hour. Whatever.

Diet was awesome today, I probably should have ate more, so I’m going to eat a meal before bed. I’m in the process of making a workout schedule for the next two months since I won’t have time to do when I’m in school. Speaking of school, I’ll only have four or five days that I can make time to work out. The other two/three days I’ll be in boston most of the day and I can promise you by the time I get home, it will be time to crash and go to boston 7 hours later. So, I’m trying to make the most of it. I do run around a lot in Boston though, and with classes, homework, studio time I will have food on me at all times.

Its looking like Sunday, Wednesday and Friday will be my weight and cardio days, and my Saturdays and maybe Mondays will be cardio. I’ll post it as school gets closer.

Wednesday – Cardio

This is turning out to be a horrible workout week for me, besides weight day. I’m still getting over this shitty cold, I’m bloated, I feel like shit mentally and I just want to lift weights, not sit on a bike for 20 minutes. Anyways, I did do 48 minutes of cardio, but it sucked. It was around 300 cals for night.

Oh yeah and my headphones broke. CARDIO IS IMPOSSIBLE WITHOUT MUSIC! UGH!

My diet was shit because I worked 8 hours today and it was hard to eat every 3 hours since it was pretty busy out. Most of my cals were towards the end of the day.

It’s days like this where I tend to re think what I’m doing, but I know it will pass soon and I get into a better mood. Theres been a lot of issues with my grandparents, money/banking issues, getting sick, etc that came this week. But I’m determined to have a better day tomorrow. I’m actually pretty excited and I wish I could do weights everyday.

Tomorrow is also my day off but then again, I never really have a day off for anything. So the weights will be early, but I also have to switch banks, go food shopping, clean, laundry, and such.

Total Time: 48:08 minutes
Total Cals: 263 cals
Max HR: 143 bpm
Avg HR: 113 bpm

Thursday – Chest/Shoulders/Abs/Cardio

  • Seated DB Lateral Raise: 5# x 2 x 10, 10# x 2 x 8
  • DB Arnold Shoulder Press: 15# x 4 x 10
  • Smith Machine Shoulder Press: 40# x 1 x 8, 20# x 3 x 10
  • Decline DB Press: 20# x 2 x 10, 25# x 2 x 8
  • Incline DB Press: 20# x 2 x 10, 25# x 1 x 8, 30# x 1 x 6
  • Flat DB Press: 20# x 4 x 10
  • Pec Dec: 50# x 5 x 10
  • Double Crunches: 1 x 30, 1 x 25, 2 x 20
  • Cable Crunches and w/twists: 50# x 4 x 20
  • Decline Situps with medicine ball & throw: 10# x 4 x 15

Felt awesome today putting up the weight. I like to look at how my shoulders are growing which became very prominent when I was doing the smith machine shoulder presses. The caps of my shoulders are looking pretty symmetrical, although I can see a little lacking in the right one sometimes. One thing I am not proud of is my legs. I’m debating if I should do one light and one heavy leg day a week or if I should just give it sometime and heavy weight..hmm.

My right quad is still hurting me. I was doing the decline situps with the medicine ball and I could feel the pulling and tightness as I threw the ball. I’m going to do some heavy stretching tonight because I do NOT want to get an injury. Ugh, that would be the worst right now.

Tomorrow is cardio day, I’m going to try and find some bleachers in the morning and do some track running as well. Hopefully a day away from the usual treadmill will put me on track again.

Total Time: 1:24:29 minutes
Total Cals: 308 cals
Max HR: 136 bpm
Avg HR: 101 bpm

Friday – Cardio

Okay so I was right, today was just what I needed to get out of my slump. Although I didn’t feel as strong and energized as I did last week. But, I got a great workout in and I’m proud of myself for trying something new: flipping a truck tire!

I’ve always wanted to try it but never had a truck tire to do it. Today I went to my old middle school to try out the track and run some bleachers. Before I started, I came across a truck tire laying against the bleachers in the grass: SCORE!

So I ran a mile on around the track, did 14 bleacher runs, and 25 tire flips. The tire was pretty heavy, it was about my size and man did it feel awesome to do it! It got my heart rate up just like running incline does to me! Since it was at a local school, the middle school football team was slowly arriving as I finished my workout so a 30 minute workout was just enough. My brother was laughing that the coaches were staring at me while I ran around, flipped the tire a bunch of times, kept running and hit the bleachers. 🙂

My quad is still hurting me despite stretching. I warmed up with one lap around the track and two bleacher runs. When I first started I could feel the pulling and the tightness but after it just was a mere annoyance that went away after the first set of tire flipping. I was sweating like crazy but it was one of the best workouts I’ve had in a while (cardio wise) and I can’t wait to try it again. I may have to go earlier next time since the football team might in full swing.

My body is sore and tired. I smashed my knee on a door frame yesterday so its swollen and still cut up. I have bruises all over me and I’m sore from chest day. My legs and back are sore from the tire flipping and I’m dreading tomorrow’s workout. It’s going to be a long workout but I know thats exactly what I need.

I bought a new sports bra which actually fits and holds things in place. “high support” is what I need even if my chest isn’t the biggest in the world (I went from a 40D to a 34B, yeah…), I still need great support because I’m always running hard and my old bra couldnt keep up.

I bought new headphones as well so no more excuses!

Diet was great today, lots of veggies!

Total Time: 33:20 minutes
Total Cals: 302 cals
Max HR: 178 bpm
Avg HR:143 bpm

Saturday– HIIT

I know I said today was a rest day, but my quad felt really good. I warmed up with stretching and light walking for 15 minutes and decided to jog and see how I felt. NOTHING! wooo!!  I can now also BREATHE since my cold is over with finally. So I took advantage of it. I’m trying to pull away from long cardio sessions and take it to only two days a week for an hour, and then the other four days do a more intense cardio session of only 20 minutes after a weight session, and 30 minutes on saturdays. I’ll post my new workout schedule for next week including the changes.

But anyways if I remember correctly the treadmill work went something like this:

5 minute warm up @ 3.5-4.0 mph
1 minute at 6.0 mph
1 minute @ 3.5 mph
2 minutes @ 6.5 mph
1 minute @ 3.5 mph
2 minutes @ 7.0 mph
1 minute @ 3.5 mph
2 minutes @ 7.5 mph
1 minute @ 3.5 mph
2 minutes @ 8.0 mph
1.5 minutes @ 3.5
1.5 minutes @ 8.5 mph
2 minutes @ 3.5 mph
1 minute @ 5.5 mph @ 4.5% incline
2 minute @ 5.7 mph @ 7.0% incline
2 minute cool down @ 4.0 mph

Next time I want to be at 9.0 mph for at least 30s x 2.

Cross Ramp for 5 minutes because I felt like it. I then changed my mind since the gym was closing and they were flicking the lights on the last 5 of us in the gym..haha.

I wanted to continue but having 180 grams of protein so far today and doing incline running was well not going to work out if you know what I mean. If you don’t know what I mean, picture what 45 grams of fiber and 180 grams of protein does to your body =]

I was in a crappy mood earlier due to money, stress going back to school and managing it all, my grandmothers health and my dad being laid off and such. It’s been a really tiring week both mentally and physically so I was glad I forced myself to go to the gym. I told myself  “just walk a couple of miles!” And I also wanted to try out my new sports bra, headphones and playlist on my ipod. It turned into a very therapeutic workout to get away from it all. So I’m now in a pretty good mood. I’m icing my leg a little bit just to make sure it’s going to be good to go for tomorrow’s dreaded leg day.

Total Time: 37:39 minutes
Total Cals: 357 cals
Max HR: 178 bpm
Avg HR: 147 bpm

Sunday – Legs/Arms/Abs

AM Cardio – I went for a long walk with my dog, about 3.5 miles.

Total Time: 1:00:14 minutes
Total Cals: 256 cals
Max HR: 120 bpm
Avg HR: 105 bpm

PM Weights

Warm up run 1/4 of a mile

  • SLDL w/DB: 20# x 1 x 10, 25# x 4 x 10
  • Lunges: 15# x 5 x 10
  • Wide Stance Leg Press: 90# x 1 x 10, 110# x 1 x 10, 180# x 1 x 8, 270# x 1 x 6
  • Narrow Stance Leg Press: 140# x 1 x 10, 180# x 1 x 10, 270# x 2 x 6
  • Decline Situps: 1 x 15, 15# x 2 x 10, 20# x 2 x 10
  • CC Leg Ups: 4 x 15

It doesn’t look like much, but I minimized the rests inbetween to only 1 minute to keep my heart rate up there. My legs felt good and strong. I decided to only work my legs today. I made sure that each push I felt the muscle I was working and really concentrated on my form and going slow. I usually don’t train my legs that was so it was a nice change. I still feel a twinge in my quad so I didn’t want to really push it just yet. Next Sunday, its on though. And even running bleachers on Wed is going to really help my legs out, they need the most help.

Total Time: 57: 01 minutes

Total Cals: 423 cals

Max HR: 168 bpm

Avg HR: 129 bpm

I’m really looking forward to incline training tomorrow. I’m going to finish my Ab workout as well since I slacked today. I was thrown off a bit on my concentration but I finished my leg work out and felt good and jello-y walking out.

I’ll update tomorrow with this week’s total cals and times along with tomorrow’s cardio workout results. My polar watch automatically sends me results. This concludes the sixth week of consistent training.

Week Totals

Time: 7:34:06 hours

Cals: 2681 cals for the week


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