So I wanted to talk a little about my current diet plan. Its not something I’m use to but despite the big change I have adapted to it very well and actually feel quite well despite being “low carb”. But, I’m not on a low carb diet. I have gotten rid of the breads, pastas, milk, yogurt, cereal, etc. Except for a pre workout meal. 

For example, a usual day is:

breakfast: .5 cup oatmeal, .25 cup wheat bran, 12 blueberries, 1 scoop casien & .25 cup egg whites shake

snack: 1 can of salmon, usually 4 oz with lemon juice

lunch: 1 can of tuna, tomatos, onions, mixed dark green salad, 10 oz carrots, sugar free jello

snack: 50g of pb, 3 stalks of celery

dinner: 6 oz boneless skinless chicken breast, 5 oz zuchini, 5 oz yellow summer squash, 3 oz red pepper, .5 cup low sugar yogurt


postworkout: casien shake, .5 cup low sugar yogurt, 2 whole eggs


I was surprised that I would feel the same cutting out my usual foods but I have been on it for four weeks and so far so good. Plus I get to “eat more” which is a little mind trick. If  I feel hungry when I know I’m not suppose to I just eat 2 medium carrots and have a fiber drink and I’m fine till my next meal. I feel strong throughout my workouts too and not like I’m dragging ass. Hopefully I can keep going with this because I’m loving not feeling bloated but feeling satisfied and full until its time to eat again. 

Btw, this is my 3 month of not eating butter! I’m proud of myself because it was always a constant in my diet. 

My usual macros fall into: 40% protein, 25% carbs 35% fat. 


I’ll be updating tomorrow after my workout!


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