So I’m back from vacation. I will update later after breakfast with what I did over the passed two weeksish. 

But for right now I want to share some information that has helped me with “cheating”. Aka, eating all those bad foods you know you shouldn’t. This advice is not from me, but by a Pauline Nordin’s blog, Fighter Diet.


1. Do not panic. The cookie or ice cream cone or bag of chips will not cruise into your mouth on its own. I guess it came as a surprise, but none of the foods have legs.

2. Get out of your house or office, wherever you are where the crisis is taking place, find a floor, get down, do atleast 50 pushups, 50 situps, 50 lunges on each leg and then repeat two times. After this extra metabolic booster, it feels even more stupid to succumb to a cheat.

3. Make it impossible to eat. You do this by force drinking half a gallon of water, then fill up on 6 sugar free jello’s, move on to one pound of carrots and drink 1 tbsp of balsamic vinegar. I promise you this ritual and the different flavors really is disgusting when eaten fast, and you won’t want to eat more.

4. Do NOT lie down on the couch and start thinking. Do not wait for the craving to disappear because most likely it does not, and the longer you wait, the more forbidden it feels and the faster those calories will get in control of YOU. EEEEAT US they say from the kitchen cabinet.

5. Do not ever store any trigger foods at home. And make sure you are dressed inappropriately for a fast run to the convenience store down the street. Make it hard for you to even wanna go out.

6. If you are around people and you feel the urge to eat more than you should, remind yourself you do not want to look like a yoyo dieter in front of your pals. It looks pretty sad if they know you are trying to lean out, just to pig out on guacamole and chips. And I ascertain you, they WILL use it against you next week: “but last week you had lots of food and look at you you look great! It won’t kill you you know”, but for them a six pack is having a muffin top instead of a big wheel of fat hanging OVER the pants, for you a six pack IS a six pack, so your ideals are quite different….

7. Write a note to yourself that tomorrow you can have this and that food without getting fat at all and reread it until you believe it. Make sure though you don’t act on it the day after!

8. Write down the list on the foods you so much desire, then go to and check the total calories and fat you will take in will you succumb to your wishes to eat it. It feels less great to see on the screen exactly how much crap you can down in a few hours….

9. Do not romanticize the junk. Remember what people look like who give in to temptations on a regular basis? Do they look like what YOU aspire to look like? Not really huh. Well, then do not copy their behavior.

10. Remind yourself food is a drug. Do not abuse drugs. Do not let drugs run your life. Food is fuel, energy. It is not SIX FLAGS or Disney World! If you find junk food and sweets THAT wonderful, go get another hobby, it’s time to straighten up and see what life is all about. And it ain’t JUNK FOOD if lean and mean is a priority of yours. Be strong be a superman or woman and deal with it. Tomorrow will be an easier day!


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