The first two days of being in NH, thursday and friday, rained completely. I mean, downpour for two days straight. The most I did inside with 6 other people was play twister for two hours.Friday was also a nice 3 mile walk with my friend on the dirt roads. That was interesting since I still very sore from leg day earlier that week. Go figure. But it did help along with a hot shower, my friend also showed me some cool stretches that I have been working with ever since. 

It was still rainy on saturday but I did about 3 miles worth of running, it felt nice. I did a longer track than I usually do. This .5 mile piece is all dirt hills which left me pretty sore the next day.

Sunday was a 7 mile hike. It was around 5 hours and 1000 calories over all. I finished the last 2.5 miles lightly jogging..well as fast as I could at that point. We climbed 1400 feet worth of tough rock, it was challenging but pretty fun. I tried to make my way up as fast but safe as possible. Lots of water run off, so had to watch out. We got really lost finding the trail head. Most of the miles/time was spend walking on windy paths, about 1 hour of it was the really hard stuff. But thats okay, we learned!

Monday rained. blah

Tuesday was 6 mile walk around the neiborhood, hills and all. I also did Double Crunches, Bicycles, Plank, and Leg ups, along with tons of stretching.

Wednesday was better in the evening, so I did a really hard 1.5 mile run. I ran as fast as I could up this very steep dirt hill. If anyone knows what its like to run on rocks and dirt up a steep hill, it sucks. My legs felt like they were going to implode because they were so filled with lactic acide and my heart was beating out of my chest. Great workout though!

Thursday was a 3 mile run, this I tried to pick up the pace and run harder. My legs were jello after I was done. Those fucking hills kill me.

Friday was off since I wanted to recover because I was suppose to run 2 miles the next day for a group race. But I did Double Crunches and Bicycles

Saturday was suppose to be a group run, but it didn’t work out. Instead I ran the hills around my house, moved heavy furniture for 2 hours, and cleaned the house with my parents. I was exhausted by the end of it. (of course i’m the retard running to the fire pit as fast as i could with a headboard on my head) I also went for a 4 mile walk with my dog.

Sunday was kayaking for 2 hours, I tried to keep the pace consistent…once I learned how not to tip over. It was fun! I want one =] Anyways, the rest of the day was cleaning the entire house, packing, loading two pickups worth of stuff, driving home, unpacking two pickups worth of stuff and going to whole foods.


I said I would keep track and I did!


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