So today ended up being a very long day, workouts wise. Since it wasn’t raining, a friend and I went on a long walk. It was pretty humid out though, but no sun! We walked about 5.25 miles which feel nice. My hips are getting better and are getting use to all the extra cardio. It did tire me out though..but it felt good.

After that I ate, relaxed and then headed over to my friends house to help her workout. We did:

  • Stretching
  • 1 lap around pool to warm up
  • 2 bear walks around pool (as fast as possible)
  • rest
  • 1 crab walk around pool (OUCH)
  • 1 lap around pool
  • rest 
  • 1 duck walk around pool
  • rest 
  • 2 laps around pool
  • 3 sets of pushups x 25
  • rest
  • 1 lap around pool
  • 3 sets of double crunches 20, 25, 25 (count 1 &, 2 &) etc
  • 3 sets of bicycles 25, 25, 25 (same count)
  • rest
  • 2 laps around pool
  • High knee lifts (50, 100, 150, as fast as possible)
  • 1 lap around pool 


I think there were more laps in between the walks but I don’t remember. Since the sun was out, FINALLY, we were sweating like crazy, covered in dirt and looked like we just rolled in grass. But it was a very effective workout and I killed both of us. Next time I want to add more laps around pool, and switch up with squat jumps and such.

Diet was on par, I mapped everything out. Macros changed a little due to the 5 mile walk, but it rounded out to 1700 cals all together.

Tomorrow is cardio which will be a 3 mile run around Horn pond with my friend. Although it is a 3 mile walk, I’m not going for distance tomorrow, its going to be running hard that I’m going to focus on. I’m pretty sure its going to rain again tomorrow but thats okay, I guess ill wear a hooded sweatshirt.

Anyways I’m very tired and in dire need of a shower. Update tomorrow with Heart Rate monitor details and such.


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