So it hasn’t been the greatest weather outdoors lately, but I can’t let that stop me. I’ve been trying to spend as much time outside as possible. 

So for the past three weeks since I’ve started trail running 3/4 days a week I’ve noticed a change in my thighs. Which is nice, because they are a big problem area. So I have been adding in two days of leg training, but only one with weights. The other day is more plyometrics to work the muscles, which leaves me just as equally sore the next couple of days. The same usually goes for upper body training. I do more plyometrics, and circuit training for my back, shoulders, chest, arms, etc. Next week will be the start of canoeing, a different way to work my upper body too since I’ll be up North for 11 days!

I also have been eating pretty well..well since my birthday 😉 I’ve add more veggies into my diet, and gone a little organic crazy. I’m trying to keep as much protein in my diet through white meat and fish. I’m still battling my fuckin sugar cravings, but with berries and sugar free organic  syrup, its helping. It is still my biggest battle and my worst enemy. 

My weight hasn’t changed. I go from 134-137 depending on the day..its aggravating. but my clothes are fitting better, especially my thighs. Its funny when I look at my pants…they fall off at the waist/pelvic and hip bone, but my thighs are what keep my pants on 😉 NOT my ass, which is a little disappointing. I’ll forever have a small bum!

I decided that I get too bored with gym routines and that I will never stick with them unless I incorporate something else to hold my interest and challenges. Sometimes I feel like I just go to the gym with a routine in my head and I go through the motions. I know what to lift, how to lift, how long, it feels to scripted. So I’m taking full advantage of  doing different things.

This trail running is really exciting for me these days, even when it is raining. Most times I have a running partner…or someone to yell at, or someone to race. And I’m running through mud, up hills, down rocks, on sand, pavements, etc so I get plenty sore as if I was doing leg presses the day before. Plus some eye candy and sun..when its actually out, is a good plus 😉

I was pretty proud of myself this past saturday when I ran 3 miles in about 40 minutes. Sure I could have done it faster, but it was a big mental thing for since I tend to give up rather than work through the pain. But I did it, I ran and ran and the only way I stopped was when I was running down slippery rocks and when I had to spit. Cute huh? But I rain a solid 3 miles by myself, and it was hard. Sunday was a day off since my legs were pretty sore. Monday was more running outdoors, but since it poured I only did about 2 miles. It was a freakin downpour. The rain was whipping against my face, my ipod was drenched and half the time I had to stare at the ground because my hair was in my eyes. But even though it was shorter, I concentrated on running hard and fast. And I want to get faster. Thank god I brought towels. 🙂

Today is my off running day, so tonight I’m hoping to get back to the gym for a full body weight day to make up for missing one day last week. 

Tonight will be: 3 x 15s since it is a big night for weights.

  1. Stepups: 3 x 20
  2. Leg Extensions: 3 x 40# x 15
  3. Upright Row: 3 x 25# x 15
  4. Front Raises (w/Plates): 3 x 10# x 15
  5. DB Curls (21s): 2 x 12# x 21
  6. Close Grip BP: 3 x 45# x 15
  7. Bench Press: 3 x 45# x 15

Yeah if you check my previous workouts, this one sucked. Better tomorrow.


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