I haven’t completely disappeared, nor forget about this blog. 


I’ve been comfortably sitting at 133 which feels pretty nice considering that with school, a breakup, and losing my job has kind of hit me at once! But now that I don’t have to sit in an office all day, I have been taking advantage of this time and using it by getting back into weight lifting, and even helping out a good friend of mine. 

I forgot how good DOMS feel. And as always my mission is simple, to get lean. But as always, its not as simple as it sounds. So heres to the next couple of months before classes start once more. 

Since I had to sit down with myself and figure out why I stray from training and my diet, I’ve come up with at least a few answers. I get bored. It’s one of my bad habits that never seem to die, but I’m determined to at least lessen how bored I do get by doings things a little different this time around. I say that every time but I’m doing a lot of things I haven’t really done before, and having a steady training partner has helped me push myself also. 

Also with my diet, I need to eat more protein. Since I really can’t buy a lot of whey these days, that means lots of cheaper protein, chicken, eggs, etc. Regardless what I want to eat, I need to have a large part of my diet protein, especially earlier in the day. This is the reason I over eat during the later parts of the day and this is why my diet gets shot to hell.

I need to work out earlier in the day. Otherwise plans and other things come up later in the day, as well as feeling less motivated and too tired to really push myself. 

Instead of training one or two muscle groups every other day, I’m doing an upper/lower split. I’m also running outdoors on trails, up hills and rocks, and doing interval training.

My week tends to look like this, although I try to add more long walks into my week as well and it varies on when I train with my friend:

M. Upper Body & hour of Outdoor running/intervals, Abs

T. Outdoor intervals, 2-4 mile walk, stretching/yoga

W.  Lower body, hour of outdoor running, Abs

TH. Outdoor intervals, stretching/yoga

F. Upper Body & hour of outdoor running/intervals/Abs

S.  Rest Day or morning Hill run = 20/30 minutes hill intervals.

S. Lower Body, Hill Running = 20/30 minute hill intervals/stretching

I do not have a designated rest day, I usually have a light day instead with light, long walking. 

My two upper and lower splits are different from one another. I do two different exercise groups for each. I think this is working real well for me so far because I haven’t got bored yet. So my goal is to try and keep it fresh, and hard.


My diet is not set, but I usually eat how I feel that day. I typically have oatmeal/bran with a pro shake in the morning though since  I seem to be doing well energy wise. I’m eating most of my complex carbs during the day and leaving most of my veggies for dinner along with a good source of protein. 

I’ve also cut out butter, and anything besides skim milk from my diet completely, its been almost three weeks since I’ve had either. I’ve also cut down on red meat and eating more alaskan wild salmon, chicken, shrimp, tuna, turkey, etc. 

I’m not going to post my workouts from last week till now, I don’t remember that far back. 

Today is upper body spilt and cardio, I’ll post later.


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