I’m going to insert a complaint : I’m very very sore, but it feels awesome. My biceps never get sore, looks like I’m off to a great start!


So today is mostly homework since I have a lot due Thursday and tomorrow, but I will still being going tonight for cardio and abs. Tonight is not going to be long cardio session, that is for this Saturday with my dogs 🙂 Tonight is:


Treadmill: 10 minutes warm up walking incline


Cable Crunches
50# or 60# (depending on how I feel) x 3 x 15

Knee Ups
3 x 15

Decline Sit Ups
3 x 15 

Treadmill: HIIT 15 minutes

5 minutes warm up

2 mins 6 mph
1 min 7.5 mph
2 mins 6.5mph
1 min 8 mph
2 mins 5.5 mph
1 mins 8.5 mph
2 mins 4.0 mph
1 mins 8.5 mph
2 mins 3.5 mph
1 mins 8.7 mph

5 mins 3% incline running @ 6.5

5 minutes cool down

30 mins total on treadmill


Next week I’ll be adding another exercise to my Ab routine. And the next HIIT routine is Friday, so exciting, NOT!

I’ll update later once I complete my workout tonight.

Tomorrow I have one class, along with Thursday. I get out at one to do weights, then later on at night I’ll be doing some low-medium cardio.


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