Okay, day one of a very new routine for me 🙂 It went fairly well until on my last bicep exercise, I got dizzy and pre nauseous  so I had to stop and decided that I’d rather wait on cardio verses throwing up in the gym…yes, seems fair. I made up for the cardio tonight with my brother. 



Standing DB Curl: 15# x 1 x 15, 12# x 2 x 15
Preacher Curl: 20# x 3 x 15
Cable Curl: 40# x 1 x 15, 30# x 2 x 15

Hyperextensions:  3 x 15
Seated Cable Row: 50# x 3 x 15
Close Grip Pulldown: 65# x 3 x 15

This worked up quiet a sweat and a great pump, next week I’ll be adding in another exercise for each muscle group for a total of 4, along with upping weight and decreasing reps by 3. 



Treadmill: Running 6-8.2 mph 0% incline intervals and running @ 4% incline 6mph for 6 minutes 
Step Climber 10 minutes
Elliptical 5 minutes (I tried it out again, I still don’t like it) 


Diet was a little off on dinner, but oh well. I did a lot today and I was hungrrryyy. Tomorrow is Cardio and abs, but I don’t think it will be until a little later since I have homework to catch up on, and my brother wants to go with me.


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