Wednesday: Shoulder/Biceps/Cardio

Front Raises:
10# x 2 x 12
12# x 2 x 10

DB Shoulder Press:
15# x 2 x 12
15# x 2 10

Upright Row:
40# x 2 x 12
40# x 1 x 10
50# x 1 x 10 

Standing DB Curls:
12# x 2 x 12
15# x 2 x 12 

Cable Curls:
40# x 2 x 12
40# x 1 x 10
50# x 1 x 10 

Cardio: 2 miles – 20.23 minutes, 2.5 minutes warm up, 2.5 minutes cool down. 
10 minutes on step climber 

I was pretty proud of myself running 2 miles in ALMOST 20 minutes! My new goal is to get under 20 minutes for next week. 

Thursday: Abs/Cardio
Cardio: 5 minutes warm up, 20 minutes running @ 5.5 – 6.5 mph, 10 minutes jogging/walking intervals

Cable Crunches: 
50# x 1 x 20
60# x 3 x 12 

Knee Ups:
4 x 12 

Decline Sit Ups:
4 x 12 

I have a lot of homework so thats why updates are so brief and quick. But this weekend I’m doing a project on fast food so I will be showing some “wonderful” pictures from that. I had my first full week of classes so I have A LOT of stuff to get done for Tuesday.

I have a lot more definition in my shoulders which I’m excited about! I noticed it getting in to the shower last night. And since I look at myself everyday, this was new! But what I am focused on is getting my legs in shape, as well as my mid section and arms. Arghgghgh go away fat!


Anyways, tomorrow morning I’m going to the gym early to do triceps/cardio/yoga, saturday is legs/abs and sunday is cardio/yoga along with homework, cleaning, etc in there. 🙂


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