Monday was kind of  a hybrid day since Tuesdays are my day off because of the crazy amount of classes, which is 11 hours of classes, just classes. I’m actually here for about 14 hours which in itself is a crazy amount! But  I do get A LOT of homework done here so its not too bad.

Anyways, yesterday was an equally long day between taking care of my mother, doing barn work/feeding the horses, homework, etc. But I got in an hour and a half of working out.  I was going to do cardio, but my brother was not feeling well so I had to just deal with doing back/chest/ab work only.

Here we go…

Monday — Chest/Back/Abs

DB Flat Press:
20# x 2 x 12
25# x 2 x 10 

DB Incline Press:
20# x 2 x 12
25# x 1 x 10
30# x 3 x 3  

Pec Dec:
40# x 1 x 12
50# x 1 x 12
50# x 2 x 10 

Close Grip Pull Down:
60# x 2 x 12
75# x 2 x 10 

Hyper Extensions:
2 x 15
10# x 2 x 12

Seated Cable Rows:
60# x 2 x 12
75# x 2 x 10 

Decline Sit Up:
4 x 12 

Knee Ups:
4 x 15 

Cable Crunches:
50# x 1 x 15
60# x 2 x 12
70# x 1 x 10 

Overall my back and abs felt very strong. Not so much my chest, but I’m gradually get back to the 30#s! Once I get there I need to keep with it this time and not take a week off which seems to destroy my #’s. I had a lot of carbs yesterday, more than I would have liked. But whatever, I was hungry! Also I’ve been scaling down the amount of pro shakes I drink. Only twice a day now, the rest is lots of tuna, eggs, chicken, etc. 

My abs feel VERY strong. And they are now my new favorite muscle to exercise. I need to work shoulders extra hard tomorrow though because they serious lack in strength compared to the rest of my body. 

Today, again, is a very long day. And I have just about my whole life with me in two big bags so I’m trying to catch the stairs every chance I get to get some extra cardio in! 

But tomorrow is definitely shoulders/biceps/cardio right after classes. I didn’t get to do yoga this weekend because I was focusing on homework, but Friday and Sat. are  my defined yoga days. 


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