Yesterday was a pretty good day. I didn’t sleep very long the night before, so I was pretty tired. But I went to school, finished my homework, came home and then hit the gym around 2pm. I was debating whether or not to go since I was pretty tired. But I had to clean my room along with my art/workout room in the basement so I forced myself to go. It was only cardio/ab day so it wasn’t too bad.

Thursday: Cardio/Ab

Step Cimber: 20 minutes lvl 7/8 for 8 minutes, lvl 6 for 2 minutes, lvl 7/8 for 8 minutes, lvl 6 for 1 minute, lvl 10 for 1 minute
Cross Ramp: 12 minutes lvl 7/8 for 12 minutes

Cable Crunches: (single pulley)
40# x 1 x 20
50# x 2 x 15
60# x 1 x 10

4 x 12

Decline Situps:
4 x 12

Cable Crunches felt very strong. I’m going to keep going with the 60#. It feels good. I’m hoping doing 12 reps of 60# Friday morning, but we’ll see!
The Knee-ups I’m working on not stopping, just doing 1 solid movement and then bringing my knees up higher than usual. On the last rep I try to hold it for a couple of seconds before I let my feet down.
Decline Situps still suck for me! But hey, I get through them.

Diet was good. I had a spoonful of low fat mint ice cream, but that’s okay. I cleaned a lot with the help of sugar free Red Bull 🙂

Tonight is Triceps/Legs/Yoga. I’m looking forward for a day off from cardio since I’ve done it two days in a row! Tomorrow is Abs/Cardio early in the morning. But tonight-ish after I do some food shopping with my mother, I’m going to do weights at home:

Plate Squats:
25# x 4 x 12

Stiff Leg Deadlift:
45# x 4 x 12

Leg Extensions:
50# x 4 x 10

Glute Lifts:
25# x 4 x 15

Yoga: 20 minutes

Also, in May, I will be doing the Walk For Hunger! If don’t know what that is, it is basically a chairty walk for 20 miles throughout Boston. Rain or Shine the walk happens. Last year was my first time (since I lost the weight) and it was pretty tough because stretching is very cruical every couple of miles because of cramping. Last year also POURED nonstop for about 3 hours, stopped for a bit, then rained another 3 hours straight. Everything was soaked, shoes, socks, food, but I finished the 20 miles. I made my friend get on the bus at the 16th mile because her shoes were hurting her very badly. I ran the last mile and half because I couldn’t stand walking anymore. Anyways, when I finally do it, I will be wearing my heart rate monitor to see how many calories and time it takes to get to the finish line!
Also, I was talking to my parent’s friends about climbing some more mountains this summer. I’m very excited  about the possibility of climbing Mt. Washington for a weekend.


Saturday: Cardio/Abs

Step Climber: 20 minutes lvl 7/8 for 9 minutes, lvl 6 for 1 minutes, lvl 7/8 for 9 minutes, lvl 6 for 1 minute
Cross Ramp: 15 minutes lvl 7/8 for 15 minutes

Cable Crunches:
40# x 1 x 20
50# x 1 x 15
60# x 2 x 12

Decline Sit-Ups:
4 x 12

Knee -Ups:
4 x 12

Today was pretty good. I got everything done early, so I spent the rest of the time doing homework. But the Abs felt good today, I felt stronger doing cable crunches! I haven’t been able to do two sets of 60 for 12 reps. 

Diet was on track, hungry than normal due to…that time and also because lots of cardio makes me hungry!

Tomorrow will be cardio and triceps. I was going to do tricpes Friday and even did two exercises for them, but I honestly need to do them at the gym. Legs work well at home rather than triceps, but that’s okay!

I’ll update tomorrow after the gym. 🙂


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