Yo! Snow day today, which is perfect because I needed to catch up on sleep, hit the gym and get some homework done. I ordered some Muscle Pharm samples awhile back to try them out. I used Assault today for the first time and it gave me an awesome sense of excitement, focus, control over how I was feeling. It kept me in good spirits, and even helped me push through the cable curls. It is expensive, so I won’t be buying it anytime soon regardless of my 50% discount, but it was good to try something new. Okay…so yesterday was a very long day for me. I was in Boston from 7am  – 10pm, but that’s alright. This will be my Tuesday schedule for the next  4 weeks until I fly to Italy (YES,  I KNOW, ITALY!) So like I said earlier, no gym on Tuesday, but I figured I’ll make that up on Wednesdays adding in some running, along with the weekend for an ab workout….

Today: Shoulders/Biceps/Cardio

Cable Curls:
50# x 2 x 12
60# x 2 x 10 


Preacher Curl:
25# x 1 x 12
30# x 1 x 12
25# x 1 x 10
30# x 1 10 

Standing DB Curls:
12# x 2 x 12
15# x 2 x 15 [a huuugee pump today!] 


Upright Row:
40# x 2 x 12
50# x 2 x 10 [getting there!]

Shoulder Press:
15# x 2 x 12
20# x 2 x 10 [still weak, but I’m building it up slowly)

Front Raises:
12# x 2 x 12 [12 each arm, 24 all together]
12# x 2 x 10 [10 each arm, 20 all together]

Cardio: 2 miles/22.46 minutes

I’m feeling really good at this point. I have not cheated for two weeks, since I got back from Texas. My body is responding very well to the consistency. I see more definition in my core, shoulders, and legs. Hopefully I can keep this going for the next four weeks till then. Elvis and I plan to have some buffalo wings when he gets here, it’s our cheat 🙂 I’m hoping to take a new picture tomorrow for comparison! 

My ipod died in the middle of running. I hate running without my ipod, I don’t get so into it. Anyways tomorrow after school is cardio/abs! Abs are now my favorite thing to do. I can see my top abs peaking out so to say “hi”, very subtle, but I see them! 

I will update when I get home from the gym tomorrow. Now it’s time to chow and do some homework. Later guys!


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