Weight days! It was tough on Saturday because my friend Vicky came with me so I could show her a few workouts. We were there roughly two hours so I was pretty tired and too sore Sunday to do cardio ūüė¶ But none the less, I did what my routine called for!

Here we go…

Saturday: Legs/Triceps

Bent Over Cable Extensions:
50# x 2 x 12
60# x 2 x 10 

Close Grip Bench Press:
45# x 2 x 12
45# x 2 x 10 

DB Overhead Extensions:
20# x 2 x 12
25# x 2 x 10 

Tricep Pushdowns:
40# x 2 x 12
50# x 2 x 10 

Stiff Leg Deadlifts:
45# x 2 x 12
45# x 2 x 10 

Leg Press:
 135# x 2 x 12
185# x 2 x 10 

Leg Extensions:
60# x 2 x 12
 70# x 2 x 10

I went food shopping all day, cutting and packaging food. I had lots of homework so I was juggling that all weekend. 200 sketches! Blah. But anyways, I’m sticking with it. My legs were a little weak from taking a week off, but this coming week they should be just fine.¬†

Monday: Chest/Back

Close Grip Pulldown:
60# x 2 x 12
75# x 2 x 10

Wide Grip Pulldown:
60# x 2 x 12
75# x 2 x 10 

4 x 15 

Seated Cable Row:
60# x 2 x 12
60# x 2 x 10 

Pec Dec:
40# x 1 x 20
40# x 1 x 12
50# x 2 x 10

Machine Flat Press:
45# x 2 x 12
45# x 1 x 10 
60# x 1 x 10

DB Incline Press:
20# x 2 x 12
25# x 2 x 10 

I was feeling very strong in my back/lats today! So hopefully I can push/pull more weight next week.

Chest felt weak still, but thats okay. I just have to get going with it and it’ll return..the weight I mean..haha. Again, I had homework all week so I tried to do this workout in an hour so numbers are a little lower. I switched a couple of exercises for machines because I didn’t feel like waiting for people talking. And also just to switch it up. I usually don’t do machines at all, so I guess a little change isn’t bad. I still cannot do decline chest press, I recently got my naval pierced so it pulls when I lay down that way. It’s getting better, another week and I’ll be able to.

Tomorrow is a very long day, I will try to make it to the gym for cardio and abs, but I went end up doing this saturday/sunday depending. I will be taking the train home around 5pm, lovely rush hour! But I don’t have any homework for my wednesday class and my later tuesday class (runs till 4:40) is my first class also, so I’m hoping they don’t keep me the whole time!

Anyways, Wednesday and Thursday are the same schedules this week, the gym around 130pm, and also yoga as well.  

Also, I can see more definition in my top abs! I’m so happy!¬†


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