Okay well anyone who starts working out may be overwhelmed by all of the different kind of Protein powder you can choose from. First off if you go to GNC please remember that the employees there run of commission, meaning they’re going to try to sell you the most expensive thing they have in order to put more money into their pockets. So essentially it’s like a car dealership.

So alright you’re in the store… now what? Well let’s break it down.

Protein powders are essentially milk that has been dehydrated… Yes it’s powdered milk, BUT most of them have the sugar “Lactose” removed from them so now you’re left with 2 different kinds of proteins.

1 – Whey

2 – Casein

Whey makes up only 20% of milks protein content, but why is it everywhere??? Well whey is a very fast digesting protein, it only takes 2 hours for your body to completely break down the protein molecule into it’s amino acids (remember Amino acids = building blocks of protein)

There are different kinds of whey though. There’s:

Whey concentrates which is one of the least expensive forms of protein powder you can find on the market today. Some people have a hard time digesting concentrates which leave them bloated and gassy.

Whey isolates are one of the quicker absorbing proteins available on the market today, even though it’s a bit more expensive but it isn’t the most expensive. You will find almost all of the containers of isolates have very low if any amounts of carbohydrates in them.

Hydrolyzed whey protein has some of the benefits of whey while providing highly absorbable peptides that can have anabolic effects. This is by far the most expensive protein you will be able to find.

Casein makes up the remaining 80% of the protein found in milk, but this particular protein takes 5-7 hours to completely break down! But if it takes so long why would you want it? Well the reason is because since it digests slowly then your getting a nice steady stream of amino acids into your blood stream and not all at once! If you constantly eat whey protein then your body may just flush the extra obsorbed amino acids since it has no use for them at the time. With a slow steady stream your body may encounter a time to use those amino acids and put them into good use :). It also contains a high glutamine content which can help increase recovery and boost immune function.

Since I made casein sound like god, why use whey at all? Well when someone works out in the gym they are destroying muscle fibers (weight training) when you are done tearing your muscles your body needs to recover and repair itself.

Within the first 30 minutes after your workout your body starts to look everywhere for anything to help repair the damage done. So if you take a fast digesting protein after your workout then your allowing your body to help recover! And Casein wouldn’t really help here since it takes longer to break down thus making it not useful in this situation.

But there are more protein types out there than just casein and whey. There is also Soy protein, this is the vegan source for protein. It has been shown to enhance thyroid hormone output, which helps increase metabolism and helps in fat loss. The isoflavones found in the soy can help lower cholesterol and triglyceride levels. It’s also loaded with glutamine, arginine, and BCAA’s. There are forms of soy protein concentrate found in soybeans, tofu, and soymilk. Theses are not the same as soy protein isolate, but soy products can be estrogenic in men and can cause water retention and bloating.

Okay…so now what?

Well if you’re just starting off and don’t really know what to get, I suggest you get a “Combo” Protein Powder. This contains more than 1 type of protein (Egg,Soy, Whey Isolate, Casein, and amino acids (aka aminogen)) These products work pretty well but just be careful you are not buying a product which contains a lot of “fillers”Fillers are extra stuff in the protein powder to either

A) Make it taste good
B) Make production cost less for higher revenue
C) Fill “5lbs” all the way but doing it cheaply.

A good way to see if there’s a lot of fillers is to add up the Fat,Carbs,Protein on the nutrition label. So if you buy a 5lb jug you’re buying 453g *5 = 2265g (1lb = 453g). If you add up the fats,carbs,and protein and multiply it by the total serving size and divide that by 2265 you should get a percentage of how much is actually just fillers.

Good products which contain little fillers are:

ONs 100% Whey
ONs Pro-Complex
ONs Nitro-Core 24
Natures Best Isopure
and more…

But getting back onto topic just get a mixture protein. I recommend either ONs Nitro-Core 24 or Dymatize Elite 12. Both taste great and contain great protein mixes AND they’re cheap! (but of good quality)

This is just an intro, Next post I will go into the Amino Acid profiles and what’s Essential and what’s not.

P.S.. Essential means your body cannot produce it and it must be consumed!



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