Tuesday’s workout was actually Wednesday’s! I got a little confused since this is week is a little messed up.

Thursday: Biceps/Shoulders/Cardio/Yoga

Cable Curls:
50# x 2 x 12
60# x 2 x 10

DB Curls:
12# x 2 x 12
15# x 2 x 10

Shoulder Press (machine):
65# x 2 x 12
50# x 2 x 10

Upright Row:
50# x 2 x 12
50# x 2 x 10

DB Front Raises:
10# x 2 x 12
10# x 2 x 10

**No shrugs or machine curls this time, I’m still sick and had only an hour to fit everything in. My energy is doing pretty well, but I’m still really tired after each workout and my lungs burn. I’m not impressed by the numbers I’m putting up at all, but hopefully next week I’ll be back to normal. My routines are all screwed up due to missing workouts Monday & Tuesday, so I am adding in Sat/Sun workouts as well.

This is a lesson for when you guys are sick or have very limited amount of time to do your routine. I took much shorter breaks inbetween sets/exercises to get everything done, like 20-30 seconds breaks. This will also keep your heart pumping and to help increase your numbers. But since I’m not coughing/sneezing etc, I decided to go. All that really was effecting me was my energy level and my lungs burning from not being able to breathe smoothly through my nose.

A friend and I are heading to the gym after school both Wednesday/Thursday, so it is nice to do during the day where I have most of my energy. Once I get into my full schedule I might be switching Sunday and Tuesday’s schedule since I get home around 6pm on Tuesday nights. Tuesday’s I have class from 8am to 4:40pm, so it’s a long day. I guess it will depend on how I feel that particular Tuesday.

Step Climber: 20 minutes
Treadmill: Running/Walking:10 minutes – 1 mile

Yoga: 20 minutes
Buns/Thighs. I found great yoga/pilates on my TV, so I will be doing that three times a week now to improve my flexibility! Since My my lower body is very inflexible, I will be focusing more on that, and then doing a full body yoga routine on Sunday.

Today I’m pretty sore so I will be doing triceps/legs tomorrow. Tonight will be Cardio/Abs/Yoga, so I will be updating later on.

Tomorrow morning I am also taking my friend to the gym to show her some weight lifting, I think we are going to try and make this a routine.

On a side note, since school is starting I’m going to try and update this everyday, even if my posts are short and sweet, it does not mean that content will be meager. Once the weekend hits, I will be able to post more articles/videos and such. So stayed tuned, Elvis has a nice article coming about Protein Supplements!


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