As promised, here is another interview from a close friend about growing up and weight issues. Again let me know if you’d like to fill out one, if you don’t want your name up there, let me know! I at least need to display your age for other people of course. I can be emailed at or just leave a comment here 🙂

What’s your name and age?
Jes, 19 turning 20 soon

Growing up, did you have any weight issues?
I was chubby. I always just figured my ‘blubber’ kept me warm, living near Boston and all XD

How did they affect your life? Did you have a hard time in school because of it?
I wouldn’t say that’s what gave me the hard time exclusively, I didn’t know the first thing about socializing  and never really dressed to impress. Cant blame it all on my weight, but I will admit it was one more thing in the long list.

When did you realize it? Was it something someone said?
When I wanted to buy some really nice pretty clothes and found that they didn’t come in my size, like everyone else.

How did you deal with it?
on and off diets, working out here and there, in high school I made a really big push (and did some idiotic stuff too).

Did you constantly think/worry about your weight?
I wouldn’t say worry, I’m just more conscious about it now

Do you have any advice for anyone young and having weight issues?
Don’t think of it as a fault. Instead, just look at it as a place to improve yourself. There is no reason to settle for anything less than what you want. I mean, its your body. You only get it once. You should cherish it and take good care of it. Don’t be discouraged by anything, the rises and falls, just see it as another way to improve your life.

Now that you are a little older, what would you go back and change if you could?

I’d stuff myself less and get out more

How did you fight the freshman 15?

Still fighting it. I have no time for the gym now, with 2 retail jobs plus full time college. Still, I’ve been doing what I can with what little time I can. Using wii fit right now for my at home workout. It has real beneficial exercises (the plank right now I get the most out of), a model to go by so I know I do it right, equipment I can gauge how well Im doing by, a way to track my weight loss, and I can fit it in my nasty schedule. That and I’m limiting what I buy when I’m out, which means no grabbing food on the go. I’m a slight caffeine addict too, but I hope to use that to my advantage. Instead of grabbing a snack from the vending machines to keep me awake in class, I just grab a redline or something to give energy till I can get home and enjoy some good food. That and I bring a lot of my own snacks too.

Everyone is so busy these days, it’s easy to grab some fast food and eat very unhealthy, how do you deal with that?
As I said in earlier answer, I use technology. I adore my wii fit, love the thing to death. that and I’ve done some quiet little workouts in work, doing rowing squats to ‘check lower drawers’ when its quiet and such.

What are your thoughts about child obesity?
Really needs to be looked at. I mean, its one thing for a child to need plus sizes at that age (Sears has a plus girls section in their stores already), but its also another to scare them into the no carb no trans fat omg phase. I saw like a 5 year old girl in the market the other day who was just so thrilled that the cereal she saw was low carb. Kids aren’t models or fitness trainers or athletes at that age, they’re just kids. Its find if they’re a little round around the edges so long as its no to the extreme end of obesity.

Your favorite healthy snack?
One of those 100 calorie pack companies has these cheesecake delight bars. Either those or a good juicy peach!

Everyone has their own way of keeping in shape, whats yours? Anything you like to do the most?
Right now I feel like I’m getting the most out of doing planks. I work on my lower body a lot (I know I need to focus on my upper body a lot more though), because its rewarding more than anything.

What do you listen to on your mp3 player to keep you going?
KMFDM is pretty good. Anything with a hard, fast driving beat is really nice.

What do you think about women in magazines? We all know they are photo shopped, but did they influence you in any way growing up?
Everyone wants to be as pretty as possible. They just seem to be a rule to go by. Id kill for lips or eyes or hips like some (not all) of them, and sure some of it is impossible but at the very least its an inspiration. I have some of my boyfriends old playboys that I use sometimes and take cutouts, put them in places like in my wallet where my debit card is or on my fridge or microwave or lunchbox. When I reach to get my card to buy a lunch, or microwave something I shouldn’t be eating, I see that and it gives me that little inspirational boost to behave. Models in magazines should no way be the demand, but as long as you use your head and keep in mind that their exact shape isn’t even real, they can be a decent inspiration and reminder.


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