So as far as training goes, ever since I got back from vacation, I’ve slowly been getting sicker and sicker..ugh, I’ve taken the week off to get better! I haven’t had it as bad as my lovely parents but it just wears me out. Today I woke up feeling pretty good, but that only lasted about 20 minutes. I was feeling ambitious to head to work and then hit the gym after but I was still very tired even after a hot shower and some oatmeal. Blah, I hate feeling so sick and tired!  Normally I’d be doing Chest/Back, but that is tomorrow I spose, along with cardio/abs. I just needed one more day to get my energy back. Blah.

I picked up a great book: A Fighter’s Heart by Sam Sheridan. It’s Sam’s personal memoir of his life and his love for fighting, a great read. Next on my list is Steroid Nation 🙂

Currently I’m 137lbs, which was this morning. Two pounds higher, but again water weight, etc..Once I get back to it tomorrow….:)

I love doing Abs now, I’ve been getting a lot stronger. Especially since I’ve add Cable Crunches to my routine. Those things BURN, but man they’ve got my upper abs poking out 🙂 Now its time to get the rest of it in shape along with losing the extra flab. Blah.

I’ve been stretching a lot also, I need to get more flexible, especially in my hamstrings. I believe I’m the most inflexible person ever.

I start classes Wednesday, but luckily I only have ONE class. So I’m hoping I can hit the gym right after now instead of going at night. My schedule is as follows:

Mondays: Classes Off/Gym AM/Work from 8-3pm/Horses 430pm
Tuesdays: Classes from 8am till 4:40pm/Train/Home/Gym (I might have this as my day off since it is a very busy day)
Wednesdays: Classes from 8am to 1 pm/Gym/Home
Thursdays: Classes from 8am to 1pm/Gym/Home
Fridays: Classes Off/Gym AM/Work from 8:30-6pm
Looks pretty good?

I have about a month before I leave for Italy for two weeks 🙂 Lets home they have a gym at the hotel there? I’ve been told I’m crazy. But I’m addicted, what else can I say?

Today I stuck with my diet, although I ate about 300 calories less than usual because I haven’t really done much besides take care of horses. Plus nothing tastes great with this head cold. I’m hoping this is the last day I really have to deal with the major symptoms.

This will be a very busy week for me since classes start now, but that’s okay. It gets me on schedule of going to the gym and work as well. I’ll have my ipod touch on me so I can update a lot as well 🙂

Hope everyone is feeling better than I am!


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