New Years week workouts  – Houston Style

As I mentioned earlier I’m down in Houston to visit my boyfriend 🙂 Which has been really fun seeing where he lives, his apartment and stuff. Plus focusing on working out has been awesome too. He got me a lovely ipod touch for xmas, sooo I’m pretty darn happy. The weather is awesome, compared to Boston which got snow recently 😀 Anyways, workout time…

Monday – Chest/Back

Incline DB Press:
17.5# x 1 x 12,
20# x 1 x 12,
25# x 1 x 10,
30# x 2 x 5 [[almost there, back to back 30s]]

Flat DB Press:
20# x 1 x 12,
22.5 x 1 x 12,
25# x 1 x 10,
30# x 1 x 10 [[pr!! Very strong here]]

Decline DB Press:
20# x 2 x 12,
22.5# x 2 x 10 [[still kinda weak on decline, but it’ll get better]]

Lat Pulldown:
50# x 2 x 12,
60# x 1 x 10,
70# x 1 x 10 [[feeling strong!]]

Close Grip Pulldown:
50# x 2 x 12,
60# x 2 x 10 [[After the Lat PD I felt pretty weak..but next week!]]

Seated Cable Row:
50# x 2 x 12
60# x 2  x 10 [[i know I can move up on both of these!]]

45# x 2 x 12
45# x 2 x 10 [[first time really doing this in the gym, I’ll put on some weight here next week. I wanted to make sure I got the form down perfectly before lifting any serious weight]]

Sauna: 30 Minutes

Overall diet was pretty good, felt very strong. Maybe it was because of all that sleep I had during the day. Anyways, I lifted midday around 12/1? Felt awesome, I don’t think I can do anymore night lifting, I don’t have enough energy. I’m still sore from the deadlifts: lats, hamstrings, glutes, quads hurt..ouchie.

Sauna felt nice. I added a link to a nice article about the sauna/steam rooms because it turns out they are very beneficial for the skin and to raise the heart rate a bit.

-I edited this setup because I found it was kind of hard to read through..

Tuesday: Cardio/Abs

Stair Master:
20 minutes, lvl 4(warmup) -10 (30 second intervals)

15 minutes, incline -3 – 11. 3.4 – 4.0 mph walking. Got very sweaty after the stairmaster

Cable Crunches:
20 x 40# [[after a little practice I got this right, felt good, sore today]]

Captains Chair:
leg ups 1 x 10 [weak on these..i wonder why …]
knee ups 2 x 12, 1 x 10

Decline Situps:
2 x 12, 1 x 10 [very sore here, more ab workouts like this and Ill be better]

Sauna: 14 minutes (very hungry so I was getting a weee bit dizzy)

A little sore from abs, but I’m sure I’ll be more sore tomorrow.

Wednesday (today) – Biceps/Shoulders

Biceps I’m pretty good with, shoulders I am pretty weak. But thats okay, Elvis is here to push me. He’s a great workout partner 🙂  Anyways, here is todays workout all lined up. Will update later.

Preacher Curl Machine:

25# x 2 x 12
30# x 2 x 10

EZ Bar Curls:

20# x 2 x 12
20# x 1 x 10 (I wanted two thirtys, not one BUT some guy was hogging it)
30# x 1 x 10

DB Curls:

12.5 x 2 x 12
12.5 x 1 x 10
15# x 1 x 10

Upright Rows:

20# x  1 x 12
30# x 1 x 12
40# x 2 x 10

Machine Shoulder Press:

50# x 2 x 12
60# x 2 x 10 (machine, a little weird but wanted to try it out)

Standing Front Raises:

10# x 2 x 12
10# x 1 x 10
12.5# x 1 x 10

BB Shrugs:

40# x 1 x 12
50# x 1 x 12
60# x  1 x 10
65# x 1 x 10 (feeling good, 70s-75s next time)

Sauna: 30 minutes

Legs are still sore from monday.  Also, I love blended shakes now. Especially with Elvis’s blender I gave him..I may need one..hint hint.. 😉

Thursday: Cardio/Abs

Step Climber: 20 minutes
Treadmill: 15 minutes running intervals

Cable Crunches:
50# x 2 x 20
50# x 1 x 15
50# x 1 x 25

Knee-ups on Captains Chair:
4 x 15

Decline Situps:
2 x 12
2 x 10 [[ouch, weakest ab exercise]]

My abs feel stronger from Tuesday, still a little sore, but I really want to get stronger.

It’s that time of the month, so I’m not 100% feeling awesome, but I got through it.  Anyways tomorrow is leg/tricep day aka love/hate day. Love working out both muscle groups, but I hit them the hardest, especially my legs. One of my biggest problem areas is my legs, mainly my thighs so I like to kill myself.

I still feel tired a lot, but it gets better sometimes, then comes back. I’m not too sure what its caused by, but I’m trying to find ways to cope with it. Oh well.

Side note for today, did a lot of walking around the mall. Well it wasn’t just any mall, this one was huge. It’s the Houston Galleria. I couldn’t believe how many stores there were. I’m use to little malls. But the walking was nice. Elvis and I ate at this little sandwich and soup place. We both got turkey sandwiches on wheat with swiss, tabasco sauce and mustard, and a fruit cup 🙂

Diet was on track for today, except for a little extra peanut butter.

Sauna: 15 minutes (in sweatpants and shirt, verses a sports bra and shorts — ugh.

Friday: Triceps/Legs

Squats: 45# x 2 x 12, 50# x 1 x 10, 65# x 1 x 10

Stiff Leg DeadLift: 45# x 2 x 12, 50# x 1 x 10, 55# x 1 x 10

Seat Calf Raises: 25# x 2 x 12, 50# x 2 x 10

Bent Over Tricep Extension with Rope: 60# x 1 x 12, 70# x 1 x 12, 80# x 2 x 10

Tricep Pushdowns (double pulley) : 60# x 2 x 12, 70# x 2 x 10

*Tough day at the gym. Too late to go (10pm), had no energy and in a generally bad mood. So I did as much as I could before getting really aggravated with my mood. Tricep/Leg day is a very long and big workout so I can’t leave that for the end of the night.

Saturday: Cardio

60 minutes, low intensity

I was suppose to finish my fridays workout, but I was waayy too sore to do so. I haven’t been this sore in a long time. Squats and the Stiff Legged Deadlift literally kicked my ass and my hamstrings, and quads. Ouch 😦

But Elvis bought me an amazing book, well..its the “The Definitive Guide for 21st Century Bodybuilding” 10lb book 😀 He surprised me tonight. We headed to Barnes and Nobles because I’m a geek and would not give up looking for my “Clean Eating” magazine, which he found also. It has everything from supplements, nutrition, history, training plans, injury information, etc. I’m almost 130 pages into and I love it, woo!

Sunday: Catch Up Day

;Leg Curls:

Leg Extensions:

Leg Press:


Reverse Preacher:


Weekly Wrap Up – Not finished till Sunday though.

So this entire week I have been training with Elvis in Houston, Texas at 24 Hour Fitness. So far it has been a pretty good experience. The gym is nice and doesn’t get too crowded. We went around 4/5pm and it was fine, unlike Planet Fitness where it is packed and annoying. Everyone who goes there, goes to workout, not stand around and talk. They have a lot of stuff that Planet Fitness does not, which works in my favor, sorta..until I go back. They have a squat rack, a deadlifting area, pre loaded ez curl bars and straight BBs, basketball court, sauna, steam room, pool, jacuzzi, 2 cardio rooms (one is spin), and another big room for classes as well. The people are pretty nice..and also if it wasn’t obvious, they are open 24 hours, 7 days a week – amazing. Although last night we were told that the “free guest” thing ended in 2008, but Elvis’s friend Jay is letting me go until I leave for Boston. Sweet.

Elvis is going to MMA on Saturday, so I will probably use his apartments gym for cardio 🙂

I’ve felt pretty strong this entire week so far so hopefully I will continue getting stronger from here. My diet has been pretty good, except for  Two Sushi days were we pigged out a bit. But just sushi 🙂


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