decline DB chest press – 20# x 1 x 12, 25# x 1 x 12, 25# x 2 x 10 (wanted to try 30s, but the gym was very busy and the 30s were gone)
incline DB chest press – 20# x 2 x 12, 20# x 2 x 10 (felt very weak for some reason doing decline first, and incline second. Maybe switch them like last week?)
flat DB chest press – 20# x 2 x 12, 25# x 2 x 10

hyperextensions – 3 x 12, 10# x 1 x 10 (weak)
seated cable rows – 50# x 2 x 12, 60# x 2 x 10
wide grip lat pulldown – 50 x 1 x 12, 60# x 3 x 10
close grip lat pulldown – 50 x 1 x 12, 60# x 3 x 10

For some reason I was very weak last night. I think it was because it was towards the end of the night and I’m use to lifting much earlier in the day, especially chest/back routine. Next week I’m going for 30s on the chest presses. I know I can do it for at least one set.

But I had two people compliment my hard work, which is exciting. So even though I wasn’t pushing the usual weight, it did help.

diet was a little off due to a piece of lindt chocolate and 1 whole egg and 2 egg whites, wheat toast after lifting. I was hungry :X
Took my ZMA and was out like a light around 11pm. I wish I went to bed sooner so I can get up in the morning to do cardio. But I’ve found I cannot get up early the next day if I’m working out towards the end of the previous day..ugh. I’m just wayy too tired.

But this morning I was checking out my stomach (whats new) and from all the ab work I’ve been doing I can see a little bit of my “upper” abs..well a few lines nothing defined YET.

This is the last week till the new year I’ll be working out in MA. I’m heading to Texas this saturday till Jan. 13th 😀 I’m checking out 24 hour fitness while I’m down there with my boyfriend (haven’t seen him since Thanksgiving grrr). Same routine, same meal plan (NO CHEATING!), adding some extra cardio along with the sauna and steam room, and lots of swimming I should be on my way to losing some extra fat. I’ll also have my laptop the entire time (never part with it <3) so updating will be consistant, if not more since I’ll have a lot of free time.
Also they (24 hour fitness) have a FULL free weight gym, which means I get to have a squat rack FINALLY! My gym currently (a certain purple and yellow gym) does not have squat racks (only smith machines) plus not a huge selection of free weights/benches and room. I wish a 24 hour fitness was around here, I’d sign up in a heart beat, even if I have to drive more.

Tonight is cardio/abs. I’ve slowly been building up my abs. Shoulders and Abs are the weakest part of my body, I’m working on getting that fixed.

My goal is currently for Feb. 27th, since thats the day I set off for Italy for two weeks. I have 9 weeks to go from 138 – 125. Thats about 1.444 pounds per week in order to get to my goal (12.996)lbs. Reasonable right? I think so. I have just have to keep with it. And being the holidays, theres a lot of tempation and so far I’ve been about 50% consistant with my diet 😦 BUT! A new year is coming and I’m ready to do this 100%. No more slacking! I’m going to look damn good in my orange bikini even if I never eat a brownie or piece of pizza till august! That’s right, I said that.

Update tonight after some present exchange with some friends and the gym..


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