My diet has been on track all week so I have been feeling pretty good 😀 I haven’t seen too much change this week, but then again I haven’t done this much cardio in a while. It hurts the legs doing it so much suddenly, they have to get use to it again! Anyways, friday and today were mainly carido. I had crazy DOMS everywhere Friday morning so I wanted to take a break. Tomorrow (sunday) I’m sneaking in back + legs and 2 mile walk. 😀



Hyper extensions 3 x 15 – then a huge guy just took my spot. I was in a bad mood and still very tired with a headache, so I just went to cardio which was not that great.


15 minutes bike

15 minutes stepclimber thing

Total Time — 45 minutes

Total Cals — 314 cals, 55% fat

Heart Rate — Max 157 – 79% of heart rate

                      Avg 126 – 63% of heart rate



Wasn’t feeling too up to going. But I tried not to think of it and went anyways. If I think too much about it, I won’t go and get it done. So after I stretched and did the step climber and kept my heart rate up I felt better. Overall it was a good work out. I got sweaty as hell but man it tired me out 😀


Stair Master – 20 minutes

Step Climber – 20 minutes

Total Time – 42:42

Total Cal – 423 cals 50% fat

Heart Rate – Max 176 88% of max rate heart

                     Avg 150 75% of max rate heart


Today I’ll also be going for a mile or 2 walk with dog. Update later…


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