So today was a waste of a day, as far as traveling into Boston. I had to pick classes for next semester, wait in lines, etc.

So I got the classes I wanted and I’m all registered for Italy next year, which is exciting to say the least…

Today so far:

Woke up at 5am


2 organic wheat waffles

1 Tbspn smart butter light

1 cup low carb, non fat milk


4oz chicken breast

2 ezekiel bread

1 slice avocado

lettuce, cherry tomatos, chives

1 slice swiss cheese

pre workout

1 egg

2 egg whites

1.5 c low carb non fat milk

1 scoop elite 12

post workout

2 cups water

1 scoop elite 12




4 oz 96% lean

1.5 cup chicken broth

baby mushrooms

carrot slices

snack #3

1.5 cup low carb milk

1 scoop chocolate casein

Workout Today is Triceps/Abs/Cardio

Cable Rope Pushdown 30# x 1 x 15, 30# x 1 x 12, 30# x 1 x 10, 20# x 1 x 10

Overhead Rope Cable Extensions 40# x 1 x 15, 50# x 2 x 12, 60#  x 2 x 10

Overhead DB Extensions 20# x 5 x 12

Cardio 20 minutes on bike

Abs/more cardio later….will update


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