Today’s workout was pretty good. It was nice to get in and get out instead of doing two muscle groups, I like doing one per day!


Incline Chest Press – 15# x 3 x 12

Decline Chest Press -15# x 3 x 10

Flat Bench Press – 25# x 2 x 10, 20# x 2 x 12

Pec Dec – 40# x 3 x 15

Cardio: Step Climber 20 minutes lvl 6-12

Food for the day:


1 egg

.5 c egg whites

2 slice turkey bacon

parsley & chives

Snack #1/pre workout

1 scoop elite 12

1 cup low carb, non fat milk (3g per 8oz)

After workout

1 scoop elite 12

2 cups milk


2 piece 4:9 Ezekiel Bread

1 slice avocado

4 oz chicken breast, skinless

1 slice fat free cheese

lettuce, tomatoes, chives


4.5 oz 96% beef

lettuce, tomatoes, 1tspn olive oil

2 Tbspn Salsa

1oz mozzarella cheese

Snack/before bed

1 scoop casein

1.5 cup calorie counting milk, low carb

Low cardio tonight with my brother, 2 mile walk planned.


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