My body is comfortable with where it’s at..I know that. But that’s not my goal. Sure I look great now, better than I did. So that means I’m going to have to fight it the whole way to 125lbs – Here it goes:


Today - 45lbs later
Today - 137lbs
July 2007 - 183lbs
July 2007 - 183lbs

My new goal/workout starts tomorrow. 

New goals: 

  • Gaining strength, not size
  • Leaning out – 125lbs
  • Stay on diet & remain focused
  • Get more stretching and meditation into every day routine
  • Lower the carbs/sugar intake – cravings!
  • Whip my legs into better shape: legs x2 a week


I’d like to reach 125lbs without losing muscle, by the end of December.

New Routine:

Monday – Abs/Chest/Cardio

Tuesday – Cardio/Day off – usually school takes over

Wednesday – Back/Cardio

Thursday – Abs/Legs/Cardio

Friday – Arms/Cardio

Saturday – Cardio

Sunday – Legs/Cardio


I’m working with lighter weights/high reps, 4-5 exercises per muscle group, 3 HIIT cardio sessons a week, 3 days a week is low-medum cardio time

I’ll be posting diets and workouts whenever possible during the week, its hard to do it everywhere. Let’s hope I actually stay ON the wagon rather than falling off – as far as keeping this thing updated. 


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