So about every two weeks I do food shopping for the usual things..but today I went out to search for some new things to add to my food throughout the week. My name concern now is lowing my carb intake which for me comes from my milk. So today I went to Hannaford Supermarket to try and get some new things for this week.

My usual week consists of:

  • 96% lean beef
  • boneless, skinless chicken breast – from the butchers
  • eggs, egg whites
  • seafood: shrimp, salmon, catfish, tilapia
  • lean ground turkey, turkey bacon
  • wheat bread
  • low carb pitas
  • fat free cheese, mozzarella 
  • organic non fat milk
  • cottage cheese doubles
  • tomatoes, onions of all kinds, carrots, squash, lettuce, spinach, cucumbers, etc
  • apples, plumbs, grapes, 
  • oatmeal – low sugar or plain
  • protein powders
  • almonds, pumpkin seeds
  • potatoes, sweet potatoes, quinoa, etc
But this week I added/switched:
  • Calorie counting non fat milk  – 3 carbs vs 12 carbs
  • organic whole wheat waffles – 25 carbs for two
  • leeks
  • pearl onions
  • ezekiel whole wheat bread
So I’m pretty excited to add these in and start making better changes to my diet. 🙂
I get so lost in the Hannaford sometimes. I get so excited by all the pretty veggies that I stare a lot. I have to hold myself back from buying all of them since I would never eat them all in time until they perished. 
Lesson learned: Don’t be afraid to try new foods!

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