So as school has started, I’ve kind of had to work around that as far as my training…it sucks. It fustrates me that I cannot fully devote the time to working out and planning meals than I did during the summer 😦 But I am see little changes here and there, such as my traps/shoulders/biceps mostly. MID SECTION – DO SOMETHING PLEASE. 

I had to go to the doctors recently because my tiredness, headaches, etc was getting progressively worse.  My thyroid level is elevated somewhat, so I do have to go back in a month…but that wouldn’t really explain my tiredness…anyways, I got some advice from Elvis about being vitamin deficient (D and Iron) So I started my NOW Eve 3 times a day, and I have been feeling somewhat better actually. The tiredness hits me at random points of the day..

This week has been alright, I haven’t gotten much sleep or worked out since Monday due to huge amounts of school work. But Monday I did back/bis, which felt nice. I got DOMS in my lower back which is nice since thats a very hard place for me to really fit. I’m getting stronger in my biceps too. Before my final cable curl set was ONE 70lbs 6 rep set…now I can do two sets and still feel pretty good. Tonight is shoulders/legs/abs/cardio! A lot but I’m so excited to work out, IM PUMPED.

Update later w/weights


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