I’m about to start the fall semester of my sophomore year of college…depsite being broke, having various degrees of hesitation and lugging the ever nagging hate for the city in me, I have agreed to do it all over again and start new. This summer carried a lot of changes and quite frankly I’m so fucking glad to get a change of pace. Now, I did have a great summer. I lost more weight, got laid (more appropriately, I have a man in my life), got seriously into lifting, and got closer to old friends. Therefore I really have no right to be complaining, other than the fact I’m broke.  All rambling aside, this is my fitness journal so lets start it:

I didn’t even look at my last post, so it’d be pointless for you also since I’m armed with everything new and fresh.
The summer gave me a chance to branch out and try new exercises, tempos, reps/sets and even supplements. I won’t post what I did all summer, theres no point in doing that but heres what I have lined up for the new school year:

Sunday – Chest/Tris
Morning Lifting
-Pro Supp right after lift at gym
-N.O. of some sort? Shotgun/Black Powder
Cable Crossovers- 6 x 6
Inclined dumbbell flye- 6 x 6
Inclined Dumbell Press- 6 x 6
Pec Dec *** Probably will change this
Tri Pushdowns- 6 x 6
Close grip Bench Press- 6 x 6
Seat Tri Extensions- 6 x 6
Dips- 6 x 6

Cardio – Running 15/20 minutes

Monday – Back/Bis/Abs/
Hyperextensions – 5 x 8
Lat Pulldown 6 x 6
Seat Row 6 x 6
Dumbbell rows/lawn mowers 6 x6
Reversed grip pulldowns – biceps too 6 x 6

inclined alt dumbbell curls 6 x 6
cable curls – 5 x8
hammer curls – 6 x 6

Crunches – to failure x 2
Sit ups – to failure x 2
hanging leg raises x 3

Tuesday – Cardio

Wednesday – Day off

Thursday – Cardio/Abs

Friday – Legs/Shoulders

Lunges 5 x 8
Wall Squats 5 x 8
Extensions 5 x 8
Standing calf raises 5 x 8
leg press 5 x 8

side lateral raises 6 x 6
front lateral raises 6 x 6
upright row 6 x 6
shoulder press 6 x 6
Reverse pec Deck 6 x 6

Saturday – Cardio

At this point, its still in trial since i haven’t started school yet..but with commuting, being in the barn on Mondays, it bound to change around my energy level.

cals higher on lifting days 1700, Cals lower on cardio days 1500/1600 or so.

I’m following a high protein diet 60%p 30%c 10%f


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