Chest and Tri day ! My favorite work out day

Cable Crossovers –

30# x 4 x 6 [less sets]

40# x 2 x 6 [more sets] [increase +10]

Incline Chest Press

10# x 12 x 1

12 # x 10 x 1

15# x 8 x 1

20# x 7 x 1

25# x 6 x 1

30# x 6 x 1 – PR

Incline Flyes

10# x 8 x 3

12# x 7 x 1

12# x 6 x 1

15# x 6 x 1 [increase]

Close Grip Bench Press

45# x 6 x 4 – [increase +5]

Tricep Pushdowns

40# x 4 x 8

50# x 2 x 6

Tricep Extensions

10# x 12 x 1

15# x 10 x 1

20# x 10 x 1

25# x 7 x 1

30# x 6 x 1

Around 6:30/7pm is cardio, hoping to burn between 250-350 calories today, I’ll update later.

***Update:  Cardio around 7:30. 40 minutes on the elliptical, my energy was super low. I felt like I could have fell over and slept on the floor. Not good.

Calories rounded up for today 1750: 62% protein, 27% carb, 11% fat


1 egg

3 slice Turkey Bacon

2 scoops whey

1 cup ff milk

1/4 low sugar cup oatmeal


1/2 cup ff cottage cheese

1/2 cup blueberries


1 perdue perfect portions chicken skinless

.5 brown rice

.5 mixed frozen veggies

1 whipped butter packet (small)

2 tsp low sodium soy sauce

1 table spoon spicy mustard


1 scoop of whey

3/4 cup miso soup

amp sugar free


Protein + veggie

Mood: Content

Energy level: Medium Low

Thoughts on the day: I had to drag myself out of bed and even thought and tried to justify sleeping in, but glad I didn’t. Tired as usually, maybe a little more carbs? Not sure, maybe the weekend is catching up with me. Either way I needed an amp and probably will need one tomorrow as well. Tonight I’m going to go running, either at the gym or outside with my dog. Lunch was very filling, cottage cheese is nasty…but I guess I can try eating crackers with it to help mask the flavor. 13 grams of protein is awesome! Tonight I’m going to have some egg whites before bed, not whey…that and pack for tomorrow because I’ll be going all day. Lifting in the morning is perfect for me, so I’m going to stick with it. I’m just not motivated enough to do it at the gym is less crowded.


tomorrow my order is coming:

Two 2lbs Tubs of Lean Dessert

One 3lbs Nitro Core 24 – fast acting, slow absorbing

Free Samples as usual Tshirt Fleece Jacket ❤


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