Tuesday – went running for 20 minutes with my dog. I’m getting good at lasting for a while. It feels much better to run outside than it is inside.

Wednesday – Took the day off. I was exhausted from school and all I wanted to do was sleep/relax…which I did in fact do.

Thursday (today) morning – Weights

Tri pushdowns
overhead extenstions
dips – chest
dips – triceps

I need to rework this day. I’m very weak in my triceps and chest so I can’t last that long. It was worn out.

Cardio – Fasted 15 minute step climber – whew!

Tonight I’m going to do the elliptical for 30 minutes tonight with my brother.

Food: 8:00am 3.4 egg whites, 1 egg, 1.5 turkey bacon, 1 cup ff milk, 2 scoops of on 100% whey =]

I’m not hungry right now because I had that protein shake. I got to do that more often.

I’m heading home for lunch – 1.2 cup mixed veggie, chicken and some type of carb.

Friday’s workout:

Squats on Smith Machine
Seated Dumbbell Press
Leg Extension
Seated Dumbbell Press
Front Dumbbell Raise
Ham Curl Machine
Calf Raises
Side Lateral Raise
Delta force
I love legs/shoulder days. It’s my favorite =] Anyways, today is my brother’s birthday so tomorrow we are heading to this nice Japanese/Chinese restaurant! Yay sushie!

I’m feeling good. I’m feeling the DOMS and I love it. I’m going to look awesome.


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