Food/Supplements: 1.2 cup of trail mix cereal, ff milk. 1 scoop of  100% ON whey, 1 teaspoon of BCAA, flax seed.

I didn’t take my thermo burst today because I was pretty excited about hitting the gym after last nights lousy workout. Today I’m doing cardio in the morning, weights in the evening.

Morning cardo: 15 minutes running/walking intervals same as last night, 20 minutes on step climber (THIS THING KILLS ME) levels 5-9.

Now I’m going to have some an egg, eggwhite and wheat toast w/sf jam.


FF-Fat free

SF-Sugar Free

TB-Thermo Burst

BCAA-muscle recovery


no thermo burst, good workout none the less

no running two days in a row = bad boob pain

its good to not be in school!


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