I know I haven’t updated in a bit. There is no excuse.

Today’s workout: running around Boston, 30 minute fast paced walk w/dog, 25 minute run/walk interval. run 6-7.7 mph for 1-1.5 minutes, walk for 1-1.5 then run again ended up doing 2 miles.

Todays food grade: C+


-trail mix cereal, large whole banana, 1 cup ff milk

-mcmuffin minus the ham so it was an english muffin, egg, cheese. = 200-250 cals without ham, 6-9 grams of fat without ham ( i HAD to have this. i was fucking starving from running around and dealing with shitty classes and i only had 5 dollars with me. i was going to pass out. I think i made the best choice though…

-medium turkey, spinach noodle soup

-4 Hershey kisses, 1unnamed chocolate = 8 grams of fat = ugh (cravings!)

-1 weight watchers carrot cake

-99% lean ground turkey, 1 sm wheat wrap, 1 babebell cheese, spinach, 2 tbspn artichoke & spinach hummus, medium white potato = STUFFED ugh

-one scoop protein powder

I GET THESE FUCKING SUGAR CRAVINGS. im lacking something. ugh. thats why ive decided to bite the bullet and see a nutritionist. i need advice.

I bought BCAAs from the vitamin shoppe. I was pretty excited to try it. Although I had a shitty workout. ugh. at least I did something. I’m feeling out of sorts. I’m getting run down from commuting, homework, working, etc. I never have time to chill out and not worry about something. it sucks major fucking asshole.


no more workouts passed 8:30pm.

fucking get my diet in check

see my nutritionist

more protein!

no more fucking chocolate

more sleep

supplements in the morning

I’ll feel better tomorrow once i sleep.


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