***Talking about Tuesday: So I worked out my arms yesterday – tris, bis, back, shoulders. It felt good. I did 40 pounds on skull crushers which is a new PR for me. =]


3 sets of Dumbbell Rows: 10lbs x 15 x 1, 15lbs x 10 x 1, 20lbs x 8 x 1

4 sets of Pushups: standard pushups 5 x 2, wall pushups 10 x 2

3 sets of Dumbbell Shoulder Press 10lbs x 12 x 2, 15lbs x 8 x 1

3 sets of Crunches (random, but had to break from my arms) 30 x 3

3 sets of Dumbbell Bicep Curl 10lbs x 10 x 2, 15 lbs x 7 x 1

3 sets of Overhead Dumbbell Extension 15lbs x 15 x 1, 20lbs x 10 x 1, 40lbs x 6 x 1

I also took my dogs for a 30 minute walk with my mother too before weights

At this point, I was tired, my arms hurt like hell. It was a great workout. I then read for half hour and went to bed around 10.

****Wednesday: I got up around 6:45am.

Sleep: 8.45 hours.

This morning I was bad…

8:30am I had half of an everything bagel with 2 tbsp of cc. EEP. sm FV coffee with skim milk, 1 sugar.

9:30am – Clementine

10:00am – 2 cups smart pop corn

11:am – 1 1/2 cup of chicken soup, 1 Clementine

2:00pm will be 2 packs of low sugar peach oatmeal

5:00pm will be??? Protein packed too, I’m lacking protein…

My work out tonight will be lots and lots of walking. Hopefully Bug and I will be walking to Payless to get some new shoes, then back to her house and maybe to the park. Overall 1 hour 1/2 of walking? I’ll time it tonight. I’ll probably go for another walk with my mom and the dogs later. So I think I’ll be skipping the gym, as long as I eat good the rest of the day.

Tomorrow I’ll be heading to the gym after work with Leah. I think I’m going to do some running. =] I love running.

My tummy feels smaller today..

Workout: I took Leah to the gym with me after work. We went on the elliptical for 30 minutes = 300/400 calories, I forget. We then did a full body weight workout for 20 minutes, including Abs.


I had a great food day. I brought all my food with me everyday.

I woke up early to head to work, worked till 4 then I went to pick up my brother to do the horses.

I brought the all the horses in, dumped over the water buckets, locked the paddocks, feed them, took their coats off, put on their sheets, feed them their grains, picked their feet, filled their buckets, sweep, clean their grain buckets etc. for 9 horses. It was exhausting. I came home to change for the gym, and then met Sarah there around 6.

Workout :

15 minutes running high was 8.2 mph for one minute = ***felt great and worked hard, sweating like crazy. Then I did an entire weight routine with machines, push ups, sit ups, etc for 30 minutes. I was on top of the world running here. I think this was the best running I’ve done.

Later my mother and I took the dogs for a 30 minute walk. Nothing strenuous.


Friday was a long day. I woke up around 6am, and met leah at the gym around 7am. We went on the treadmill for 15, on the elliptical for 15. Quick sweaty workout.

Saturday ( today ):

15 minutes on treadmill running/alternating walking. I don’t know what was up. But man I was sooo tired. I got home last night around 11:30 after being out shopping (got hit on, WOO!) Passed out around 12am, woke up around 7 and hurried to get ready because Leah was showing up at 7:30. It was fast cardio.  Hmmm. 7 hours of sleep isn’t enough for me. 8-9 hours is better. Anyways..I tried to run, but I felt like lead and I was still tired so it wasn’t great.

Then we did 1 hour of various weights:

Free weights:

Biceps Dumbbell Curl: 10 lbs x 10 x 2, 15lbx x 10 x 1

Overhead Extensions: 15lbs x 10 x 1, 25lbs x 10 x 1


Leg Press: 90lbs x 10 x 1, 180 lbs x 10 x 1, 270lbs x 6 x 1

Hack Squat- bar x 10 x 1, 20lbs (not counting bar) 10 x 2, 40lbs x 15 x 2

Chest Flies: 60lbs x 12 x 1, 70lbs x 10 x 1, 18lbs x 6 x 1

Straight Arm Pull Downs: 30lbs x 10 x 1, 40lbs x 8 x 1, 50lbs x 8 x 1

Seated Cable Rows: 40lbs x 10 x 1, 50lbs x 8 x 1, 60lbs x 6 x 1

Lying Leg Curls: 30lbs x 10 x 1, 45lbs x 8 x 1, 60lbx x 4 x 1

Knee / Hip Raises:15 x 2 – Holy shit they worked my abs

Lying Leg Raise: 10 x 2 – Holy shit again

Crunches, Situps, Air Bike, Oblique Crunches, Scissor Kick, lots of numerous ones

Just as an FYI, these aren’t in exact order. It went cardio, arms, legs, then abs were last.

I think over all gym time was: 1.5 hours. DAMN! Leah killed me on the abs, she really did push me so it was good. I killed her arms and legs, she killed my abs. Haha. I think we are going to make it a ritual every sat. bright and early (or at least one day a week) to kick each others ass at the gym. I love having some one else to work out with that challenges me. Thats what I need.

Anyways, I went to out breakfast to treat myself for pushing myself in my work outs this week. I HAD REAL BACON AND TWO REAL EGGS! Crazy stuff. Its like going from skim milk to whole milk. I’m glad I don’t do it much. I had 1.5 eggs (didnt finish.) Had some homefries, didn’t eat much, just the burnt ones. Two pieces of wheat toast w/jam, skim milk, 2 pieces of real bacon. YUM YUM.

I then went to GNC to get some 100% ON Double Chocolate Whey 2lbs. And I also got a clearance 30 day size of thermo burst & Mental Focus. I’ll be starting to take thermo burst tomorrow to see if it positively or negatively affects me. If not, I’ll be trying Ergopharm ErgoLean AMP in a month or so.

Right now I’m getting ready to hit Hannafords to do some food shopping for next week. yay!

I got my period earlier this week, so I feel bloated and gross. I’m hoping it goes away soon because I hate this feeling.

I’m not sure what I’m doing tomorrow as far as workouts. I might do low-medium cardio, then go for a walk later in the day with my mom. I’m going to see how much I worked out.

Total workout: 5.5 hours not counting tomorrow’s workout. My day off was Monday because I only walked around for a half hour. I think tomorrow I’ll add 45 minutes low-medium cardio, and a 30 minute walk. That will bring me up to 6.8 hours this week. I’m going to start doing 7 hours a week training. I’m serious about this now. I want to do this. NO MORE BULLSHIT!


-No more bagels and CC

-40lbs on overhead dumbbell extensions = New PR! ** Easier at home?Hmm

-Protein 1 scoop Shakes twice a day!

-Alternate oatmeal 2-3 times a week for breakfast

Take ThermoBurst 1 hour before each work out, document how I feel.

-Take Mental Focus twice a day, two pills in the morning along with flax seed and multivitamin

-MORE Sleep

-Work out Abs more

-7 hours of training a week

-more veggies in my diet

-overcome, improve, endure


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