Okay so here it is…dun dun dun..

I tried it, just plain egg whites this morning. =O

9:30am – cup of egg whites, 1 slice turkey bacon, 1 slice wheat bread, 2 tbsp natural pb, 1 cup ff milk.

I brought oatmeal and oranges with me today, along with smart popcorn…I’m probably going to eat some soup for lunch..I made homemade chicken soup over the weekend, I realy should have brought that in.

Anyways, last night after dinner Bug and I went to Barnes and Nobles. Of course I went right over to the health section and sat there for a 45 minutes reading and going through every good looking book I could find. I decided I didn’t need another fitness book, since the Body Sculpting Bible for Women is excellent. I got two books on nutrition:

1. a guide to eating out (since I do that a lot..)

2. Mindless Eating: which looks awesome. I read a bit last night but I was so tired I decided just to sleep.

The pants bug gave them (labeled as size 5, but I know they really aren’t.) Are fitting really good. Okay so let me tell you a little about Bug so you can see why fitting into her old pants is awesome…Shes 5 feet, 100 pounds. Shes tiny. =] There, now you know.

And I have come to the conclusion that I work out TOO much. I need to cut it down. Especially where I was running 4+ days a week, no wonder I couldn’t get better at it!

So I I’m going to revamp my training schedule, so I’ll either put in a new post for the evening, or edit this one since I’m at work and I’ll be bored all day. =D


-Slowly start eating 1 cup egg whites everyday

-Friday & Saturday add in One Egg w/1/2 egg whites because sat. is fast cardio, friday is friday =D

-New Work Out Hours, working out too much with too much intensity

-Read “Mindless Eating” since I do it with shit food

-Bug’s Pants fit great.


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