So I went to Subway…but I was good.

I had a six inch chicken teriyaki sub on a wheat roll with baked lays and a bottle of water. It was 405 cals which is a little too much, but it was still 5 grams of fat. =] I filled me up, not too much. I think next time I’m going to get the chicken breast which is 325 or so cals and 4 grams of fat.

Also Wednesday after work I’m hitting the new planet fitness after work with leah =] Hopefully I can do some running then. Tonight I think I’m going with Vicky, but I’m not sure. Thursday I’m going with Sarah after I get done with the horses.


-Gym Times with Friends:

Monday- With Vicky?? Or With My brother

Wednesday- With Leah after work (5/5:15)

Thursday- With Sarah after horses (around 5:30/6)

 -Eat Subway 6 under 6 subs from now on if I need to go out and eat


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