I haven’t written in here a while. I guess I’ve just been super busy. But for now on, I’m going to write in here at least once a day, good or bad.

From the last time I posted till now, I’m down to 155-157 depending on my day. But I’m getting my period so I tend to be 2/3 pounds heavier. My size nine pants are getting bigger every week on me which is amazing! And I fit into a medium in Lucky Brand Jeans tshirts. Which is huge because my tummy looked so gross when I did. I still have a little ways to go.

I want to lose another 15 pounds for my short term goal (june) long term goal would be around 10 pounds. Overall I’d like to be around 130-140 depending on my muscle mass/lean body mass. =]

Although right now I’ve hit a serious plateau and its driving me crazy. I guess it comes from my lacking of keeping track of my diet. Ugh. I just get so sick of eating the same stuff and all I want is a huge fucking BLT!!!!!!!! But I don’t…MY BLT evolves 90% FF Turkey Bacon, wheat wrap, spinach, light edam cheese, italian dressing spray…………………ugh.

I had to take a break from turkey. I seem to go through phases of food. First it was 95% lean beef, now its 99% FF Ground lean turkey, now its chicken, chicken, chicken! I need to work on incorporating everything into my diet rather than one protein at a time.

My day was as follows:

8:30am – 1 banana, 2 cups water – 32 minutes level 1-10 on eliptical: 400 cal, 5 minutes walking on treadmill.

***At this point I felt like I was going to pass out from my tummy wanting food. I think I’m going to limit fasted cardio. Granted I ate a banana before hand, I think I’m only going to do one fasted cardio a week.

9:30am – 1/2 egg whites, 1 egg, 1 slice turkey bacon, 1 light edam cheese, sm wheat wrap, 1 cup ff milk

** have to stink in a protein shake here. 12am – low sugar, two packets of strawberry oatmeal, 1 cup milk, 1 clementine

**Or here2:30 pm – 1 1/2 cup of homemade chicken noodle soup – wheat pasta, carrots, celery, organic/homemade chicken & veggie broth, chicken breast, 3 choco. pb cookies =[ <–I don’t think when I do this..its just a huge craving I get when I’m getting my period. I have to stop, only on sundays!

5:30pm – Dinner will be 1 cup scallops, 1/2-3/4 cup peas, 1 cup brown rice, water

8:30 – protein shake I plan to fit 1/2 hour weights in today working on my arms/upper body.

I actually have taken a break for a week from working out. I found myself getting too tired and I think I’m doing too much working out/not enough eating right for my schedule (commuting to and from school everyday from Boston) It takes a toll on me. Plus I’m doing a lot of homework, and I still volunteer at the FARM on thursdays.

For 3 weeks I was working out heavily/running 4 days + plus doing weights 1/2 hour to 45 minutes whether it was at the gym or at home.Even though I love running, I can only do it successively for 3 days a week: tuesday, thursday, saturday <—only fasted cardio morning. I think in order to break my plateau, I need to push it, but push it where it counts.

I also need rest. so Sundays ( not this sunday since I haven’t worked out in a week) will be my light cardio day at most, meaning half hour of walking, whether its on the treadmill or its outside with my dogs. The shitty weather has forced me to work out indoors…Also, I feel that the more weight I lose/muscle I gain, the more my friend seems to…dislike me? I have lost a lot and I’m starting to see where my real body ends and the fat begins (on my stomach) Plus I can see the outlines of my abs.

Anyways, a friend of mine keeps throwing my weight-loss in my face because of her own insecurities. It does bug me and I know i shouldnt let it, but still..it gets annoying that after working my butt off she throws the shit in my face… Also, I seem to look at more at what people are consuming and It grosses me out. I never say anything..but I feel bad for these kids inside..ugh. bagels and cc, waffles/whipped cream, pizza, mayo smothered sandwiches, donuts/muffins, tons of white pasta, coffee, lattes, hot choc. ughh./ thats the other bad thing about commuting to school, not only does it seriously restrict my working out time, but it takes a toll on my diet. I walk into the cafe and all there is is chips, tons of different kinds of pizza, bagels, candy, etc


One fasted cardio a week: saturday

Two protein shakes a day, 2 scoops = 46g pro.

Mix up lean proteins: beef, turkey, chicken, tuna

No more bingeing on food, even if I’m getting my period. (always gets me)

Drink more water

Bring my food to work with me

Gym in the morning: tuesday, thursday, friday, saturday = cardio days

Home workouts: Monday, Wednesday, Saturdays = weight days


Workout Breakups:

Monday = Arm/Upper Body weights/Abs = 45 minutes

Tuesday= Before School Cardio = 10-15 min running, 20-15 min walking incline = 30 min intense cardio

Wednesday= Lower Body Weights=45 minutes, 30 minute walk

Thursday: Before Work Cardio = 30-35 minutes eliptical, 15 mins. bike lvl 4+ = 45 minutes cardio

Friday: Upper Body Weights/Abs, 30 minute walk= 45 minutes

Saturday: Fast Cardio – 10-15 min running, 20-15 min walking incline = 30 min intense cardio

lower body weights = 30 minutes

Sunday: light cardio-30 min-45 minutes walk

I think that sounds good? I HAVE TO REMEMBER: DIET DIET DIET!


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