Looking Ahead To 29

"The night knows nothing of the chants of night. It is what it is as I am what I am: And in perceiving this I best perceive myself" Okay - I start off with that line from "Re-Instatement Of Romance" by Wallace Stevens because it speaks to one of most prized trophies that I've acquired so … Continue reading Looking Ahead To 29


Your first powerlifting meet + check list!

Are you a real powerlifter? Can you do this? I had to ask my self that pretty recently. But as in a "serious, no-really, are you?" way. After I asked myself that, a series of relevant questions flooded me. "Are you ready for this?" "Can you step up?" "Are you competitive enough?" "People are stronger than … Continue reading Your first powerlifting meet + check list!

Week 1 / 365 Strength

This week starts the new strength program, and yeah it started on Heavy Deadlifts. My schedule for each week is as follows.. Sunday - Deadlifts Monday - Trail Run Tuesday - Off Wednesday - Weaknesses/Assistance Work Thursday- Sprints/Outdoor Work Friday - Squats Saturday - Benching + Cardio We spent Labor Day weekend in NH shooting … Continue reading Week 1 / 365 Strength

Eye Candy

It's that I keep fucking typing shit, then getting distracted, then changing my mind, then not posting. But I'm working on a good post for tomorrow - don't get your hopes it though, it's probably just rambling. Heres some eye candy for the ladies so I can stop getting harassed for a day:    

Dig Deep

I have a lot left to do. But I’m getting stronger. I’m getting leaner. I’m getting faster. I’m getting better. I've got my head down and I’m ready to go.  

You’re Not The Last And You Ain’t The F***kin First

There really isn't a reason for me to update - but I know for I need to in order to keep myself accountable. Since my last update, a few things have happened. - Finally got our apartment, things have been crazy organizing the move! (shopping, organizing, packing) - I took a "rest" week, which really … Continue reading You’re Not The Last And You Ain’t The F***kin First

I’ll Claw My Way Out Of Any Situation

Life has been so busy lately, but I’m glad I get to gather my thoughts in one place now. Since the last time I posted, we've had a blizzard, a moving fiasco, tons of training, prep, a cold, and a heavy work load. Training wise, I've never been in a better place. All I need now is for the … Continue reading I’ll Claw My Way Out Of Any Situation

Here is this week’s shit show:

Alright, it’s Tuesday. I was going to hold off until tomorrow to rant shit off my list, but fuck it, right? Sunday has left my legs almost useless. At least I can hobble for a good distance before feeling some relief. Okay, I’m a fuckin baby. Here is this week’s shit show: Monday – OFF … Continue reading Here is this week’s shit show:

There will always be the 4am mornings…

This weekend was a true testament to how much stronger I’m getting, physically and mentally. Friday was a good lifting session for shoulders and abs with the girls and Corey. But Saturday was probably one of the best chest days I’ve had in so long. Our pipes frozen in our laundry room, so we weren’t … Continue reading There will always be the 4am mornings…